What to do after decluttering your closet | INGRID NIETO Vlogs

So you’re done with decluttering and sorting out your clothes. Is shopping the next step!?!?! HOLD YOUR HORSES! Before going shopping, it’s important to assess how much of your current, sorted out wardrobe can still serve your needs. And then you list down what things you lack, based on your current lifestyle, activities and season in life. ENJOY THE VID!

Media and Communication Skills for Public Figures! | INGRID NIETO Vlogs

Handling interviews, giving statements and public speaking are all a part of a public figure’s life. Whether one is a celebrity, a politician, a government official or a company executive, knowing how to communicate properly and appropriately is a key skill.

Wedding Things We Scrimped On: Wedding Shoes

When I started meeting my designer for my wedding gown, I didn’t fuss so much about wedding shoes. I know it had to flow with my gown’s overall look but it also had to be comfy. I’m no stranger to walking and standing for several hours and I know it can be very excruciating if the footwear is tortuous.

Earlier in my working life, I did go through a phase of buying and collecting beautiful shoes that were at least 4 inches because I love how high heels can make your legs and feet look sexier. While I still am particular about quality, style and durability, I have entered that life stage of embracing low-heeled shoes and tasteful flats because I’ve learned to prioritize my body alignment, foot and back health.. Walking and standing in high heels can be learned; you can train your body and muscles to get used to them, but one unfortunate miscalculated movement  and you can trip, fall and injure yourself. I didn’t want that happening on my wedding day.

Looking for the right wedding shoes wasn’t such a long process for me because I knew what I was looking for: comfortable, tasteful and something that would go well with my gown. Also, since my gown was floor-length and had a train, I didn’t see the point of wearing heavily-decorated shoes. Check out the video below and I hope this helps ease the whole pressure of having to splurge on expensive wedding shoes.

Wedding Things We Spent On | INGRID NIETO Vlogs

After making a list of our essentials and nice-to-haves, it was easier for us to assess which ones we’d allot more money for in our budget. When you’re planning your wedding, it’s important to remember that:

1) advice from experienced wedding professionals is valuable but be discerning as well. There are some that I have worked with who put the welfare of their clients and fellow suppliers above all, and then there are those who have a different agenda.

2) seeking inspiration is good but ultimately, it’s still YOUR WEDDING, so your rules and preferences will take precedence. Don’t allow popular trends and peer/family pressure to dictate how you’re supposed to wed.

Hope this video helps you out. By the way, I didn’t discuss wedding coordination just yet. That’s coming up in another video.

How We Meal Plan

Aside from saving us lots of time and money, we are able to choose our ingredients well so we can create healthy and tasty meals. Our staples include tofu, sweet potato, veggie meat and grains. We season them with spices, herbs and broth.

Housekeeping 101: Basic Cleaning Materials to Buy Before You Move Into Your Home

jeshoots-com-__ZMnefoI3k-unsplashSince I became a wife, one of the things I enjoy doing is keeping the house clean and orderly. When my husband and I started living together after our wedding, we had to adjust to each other’s habits and learn to make our own household management system. I had to constantly remind myself that I shouldn’t expect my husband to immediately pick up my ways. Like our marriage mentors have taught us, we need to establish our own in everything, because the home we’re building is different from those we grew up in. It can be quite daunting to make a list of must-have cleaning equipment when you first step into your shared home. I admit these were things I took for granted because I knew that when I needed to sweep the floor at my parents’ house, there were several brooms I could use. If I needed to get rid of dust, we had a vacuum ready to plug and play. While my husband and I bought basic cleaning stuff before we moved in, it was only when we REALLY LIVED in the house that we came across certain items we missed out. Here are some of the essential cleaning things you must buy when you move into a new home (whether you’re single and living solo or starting life as newly-weds):


  • A broom or walis tambo – One of the most basic cleaning things to sweep dirt off the floor.
  • A broomstick or walis tingting – I find this very flexible because it can pick up hairs and can be used on both wet and dry surfaces. It is recommended that you have one for the outside and one for the inside.
  • A dustpan – A temporary reservoir for dirt and dust-bunnies before you chuck them in the trash
  • A pail designated for cleaning – You wouldn’t want to use the same pail for bathing and the same pail for rinsing your cleaning rags
  • Spinning mop kit – I know I can just put in “mop” but this version makes the whole rinsing and mopping task quicker. You don’t need to touch the mop, just dunk it the pail with water and cleaning solution, spin it to get rid of excess water and mop away.
  • Cleaning rags – buy several and if you can choose colors (for color coding), so much better. Assign a color for each area or surface. You don’t want to be using your kitchen countertop rags for your toilet and vice versa.
  • Domex or concentrated Zonrox bleach – this is a must-have for disinfecting and sanitizing surfaces. I mix two capfuls into a bucket of water and also use this for our DIY disinfectant cleaning spray.
  • Lysol Disinfectant Spray – For surfaces that need a quick sanitation.
  • Dehumidifier- We didn’t know it was a must until we had a mold and mildew infestation. Sobrang hassle! Mold spreads really fast, especially during the rainy season. Aside from getting the dehumidifying kits from hardware stores, it is worth investing in a dehumidifying machine. We bought ours from Lazada.
  • Insect & roach repellent – One thing my husband and I discovered, even if you keep your house clean, if roaches know they have a water source in there, they will be around. We haven’t perfected the insect repellent system, but for starters, aside from keeping your home clean and your trash covered and secure, you may need the help of repellents to keep them away. Mosquitoes don’t like citronella and eucalyptus oils, while roaches I’ve read, do not like peppermint and lavender. I’ll let you know our progress when it comes to combating roaches but GAH, we still encounter them.
  • Garbage cans (with cover) and liners

For bathroom cleaning:

  • Toilet brush with it’s own bucket/container
  • Plunger71txcpt6utL._SX679_
  • Heavy duty cleaning gloves – The ones we use are Scotch Brite. Since they have many variants, make sure that you pick the right size and thickness. Some are meant to be used for dishwashing, some for laundry and then there are the gloves for heavy-duty cleaning which have thicker rubber material.


  • Mr. Muscle Mold and Mildew Cleaner – this really makes bathroom cleaning so quick, specially when mold and soap scum begin to form on your tiles. This is so easy to use, just spray it on the areas with mold and mildew growth, leave for 15 minutes and then rinse with water and a rag. Make sure however, to wear a mask when you’re spraying this on surfaces to avoid accidental inhalation.


  • Mr. Muscle Limescale Destroyer – You know those unsightly yellow stains under your toiletbowl rim? Those are limescale stains. I looked for this product when I noticed that my regular thick bleach couldn’t clean off the stains. So far, the ones under the rim are gone. I have yet to try another solution that will remove the heavier (and grittier) limescale stains at the bottom of the bowl.
  • Sponge/scouring pad
  • Toilet rags

I hope this list has been helpful for you. I wish I came across something like this before Dave and I moved in but we learned along the way. Sharing this with you so you’ll have an easier time having all your cleaning essentials ready and not stalling your cleaning time because you forgot to buy something. 😀


God bless you!


Etiquette Tips for When You Get Sick

love youGetting sick isn’t something you’d wish for yourself, even if you dread going to work. I get that there are days when you just want to sleep longer and have a bit of time for yourself, especially if you have a highly-stressful job. Catching a cold or getting the flu may seem minor compared to other ailments but it can affect your focus, energy and how you carry yourself. Apart from the constant sneezing, runny nose, coughing and over-all feeling of malaise, there’s that siren call to just stay under the covers and let sleep do its healing wonders.

What if you still have to go to work, despite being sick? Maybe you think it isn’t as bad, maybe you feel like you can still function even if you sniffle and cough here and there or maybe your boss requires you to still come in for whatever reason. Here are some workplace etiquette tips to keep in mind when you fall sick:

  • If you are encouraged to use your sick leave, please do. One of the ways you can practice good etiquette at work is to not get your colleagues sick by spreading whatever virus or bacteria you have. If however, you choose to or are still required to come to work, remember to keep sanitizer or alcohol with you, wear a face mask and bring tissues and wet wipes.
  • After sneezing, coughing, blowing your nose or using the toilet, make sure you wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water. Wipe dry with a towel or tissue because damp hands can spread germs more than dry hands. The sad thing about some workplace toilets in office buildings is that you can’t always be confident that soap and tissue are available. Due to this, I’ve made it a habit to bring my own alcohol, tissue and a small bottle of hand soap just so I can keep my hands sanitized.
  • If you’re not wearing a face mask and have to sneeze or cough, PLEASE do the very thing we are taught as early as kindergarten: COVER YOUR MOUTH and keep the germs to yourself. I remember I had a co-worker whose cubicle was next to mine and she had a bad, phlegm-y cough. She kept coughing outright without covering her mouth or even saying “excuse me.” I wanted so much to call her out but I didn’t want to embarrass her. I messaged her privately and told her that I would appreciate it if she covered her mouth whenever she coughs because I wouldn’t want to catch her bug. She laughed it off, made a big deal about it and told our other co-workers. Some poked fun at me for telling her off, while others thought it was silly that she actually embarrassed herself by showing how she’s a grown woman who can’t even do a very elementary hygienic gesture.
  • Please do not spit at the common-use sink. I understand the feeling of wanting to expel phlegm that’s stuck in your throat, but please spit into a tissue, dispose of it properly and wash your hands (or use alcohol). It is unsightly to see phlegm marks on the sink. Remember, these are still bodily fluids that should not be carelessly disposed.
  • Use your own utensils and cups at work, even if you are not sick. These are personal belongings that are not meant to be shared.
  • Be mindful of your pregnant co-workers. If you can take antibiotics to fight off a bacterial infection or medicines to ease your symptoms, pregnant women can’t do so easily. Remember, they’re carrying a baby and when it comes to medicines, they have to get clearance from their ob-gynecologist if it’s safe to take while they’re pregnant.

These may appear rigid for some, however, if you experience firsthand falling ill and missing work days because a co-worker gets you sick, then you should also be mindful of how you manage your sickness, practice good hygiene and etiquette. 🙂

-Mrs. Ingrid P.

My Tried and Tested Flu Remedies

December isn’t just peak season for social events and Christmas parties. The change in weather and the flurry of activities can make one’s immune system weak and susceptible to viruses. I thought I’d be able to get through December without getting sick but nope, I still fell ill after I walked in the rain. I was checking out a Christmas bazaar one week night and didn’t think of bringing an umbrella because I figured the December weather this year is so much like summer, surely it won’t rain. But it did and next thing I know, I was sneezing repeatedly and had a runny nose. Had to admit I got sick and put myself through rest and recuperation.