Color analysis is a premium service that is carried out by a trained professional who is certified to offer the service and use specialized color tools. I have been doing color analysis since 2019 and chose to specialize in Asian coloring as I want my clients to appreciate and embrace the characteristics of our Asian tone, contrast, and quality. I went through training and mentorship under Asia’s first AICI Certified Image Master Christina Ong, who is a globally-respected image consultant and trainer.

Each year, I continue to train and keep myself updated with the latest innovations and research on color and image by attending relevant trainings from my association (The Association of Image Consultants International) and related industries so I can give my clients the best service and color recommendations.

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How do I book a color analysis session with you? How much does it cost?

I recently released my Color and Style Holiday Bundles. You may check out the details in the release video and fill up the order form to order one for yourself or for someone else.

How long is a color analysis session?

The color analysis session typically takes 60-90 minutes.

Can you do it via Zoom?

Though some offer virtual color analysis services, based on my training and experience, nothing still beats an in-person full service color analysis as this allows me to CLEARLY SEE the full range of your color pigments and how colors affect your skin, hair, and eyes, if certain colors age you, and give you an undesired effect.

Can I do my own color analysis?

Color analysis has been trending for quite some time and people think that just like anything, it’s something that’s easy to DIY. Without a trained eye and proper color tools, you won’t be able to do color analysis by yourself. Watch the video below:

What happens AFTER a color analysis session?*

Clients have the option to purchase a personal color wallet or a digital color swatch from me. The personal color wallet is a handy leather wallet which has your fabric swatches in your color season, while the digital color swatch is a personal color reference which I can activate on the spot during the session, once payment is received. The digital color swatch can be downloaded on your personal mobile device and only you have access to it. So far, I am the only one offering the digital color app in the Philippines. If you’re availing of the Color Analysis Holiday Bundle, the Digital Color Swatch (in your color season) is included.