If you’re single and you’ve attended reunions in the past, chances are you’ve had these encounters and conversations.

  1. People repeatedly asking you about your relationship status, who are you seeing, when are you settling down
  2. “You better settle down quick. Your biological clock is ticking.”
  3. “Maybe you’re single because you’re too picky.”

GAAAH! Just watch the video. Please do give it a thumbs up and share it if you think you’ve had enough of people pestering you about the single life.

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Getting Semi-Permanent Brows

It took a while for me to finally say yes and try out semi-permanent make-up. Today, a lot of women have realized how perfectly shaped brows can brighten and open up one’s face. Hence this era’s massive obsession of #EyebrowsOnFleek. If you do your make-up everyday, you’d know that getting perfect brows is no easy task. It takes practice to get the right arch, length and shape which is appropriate for your face shape. I admittedly got tired of having to spend so much time on just my brows everyday, so with much convincing from Dra. Joan Clarence, I gave in.

Just like you, I had fears. Whenever I’d come across the term “tattooed brows”, visions of stark black and even green-tinged brows would haunt me (my reference point is my equally kikay grandmother, who had her brows tattooed when she was 60). It turns out, the pigments they used back then really had the tendency to turn greenish over time. Thankfully today, organic eyebrow pigments are being used. While these are deemed safer (and does not run the risk of turning green or black), the downside is the effect only lasts a year or two, depending on the body’s “reception” of the pigments. That is why a retouch every two years is encouraged. In the VLOG I talk about the procedure, length of time, the pain level and the after care. If you’ve always been curious about getting semi-permanent brows, watch and learn and I hope you get to try it out! Special thanks to my beautiful doctor Dra. Clarence for being so patient with me and guiding me all throughout the process.

2 weeks after getting my brows done.


Ever come across people who say they’re just “hanging out” with someone but they’re actually acting like a couple and doing things that are supposed to be for those who are in a LEGIT RELATIONSHIP? How about those who say “We don’t want to put a label on what we have right now.” Ugh! This month’s Happy Singles video says it all. ENJOY!


I had the wonderful opportunity of working with the talented crew of Unspoken Rules for this week’s episode. Have you ever been pressured to change who you are just so your object of affection would love you back? Shooting this episode brought me back to my teenage years when I was still on the heavier side and I fell for one of my church friends. He didn’t really ask me to change but I knew he didn’t like me the same way I liked him–because I was fat. 😦 This episode is for all of those who have loved but felt that they weren’t enough, that they had to completely alter themselves just to be accepted.


It’s always a joy for me to speak at La Salle Greenhills. When I was first asked to give a talk (I was actually subbing for my very good friend Ginny), I WAS SO NERVOUS! I was overwhelmed with the thought of speaking in front of a huge crowd of boys! I sought advice from some of my teacher friends and really went in with tons of prayer. I give credit to God for everything–the boldness to speak, the ability to engage and influence them. Watch the video below and see how much I had with the Grade 11 boys.


Jehoshaphat is one of the interesting royalties of Judah. The son of King Asa, he began his reign at the age of 35. His reign is generally given a good review, except for some of his alliances that led to trouble. Watch the video below and learn why walking with the Lord and consulting Him about everything is beneficial, and why it’s important to choose the people we ally or do business deals with.