Whenever I come across the word GUGO, my mind gives me a visual of thick, black hair. Way before hot oil treatments, hair masks and the Brazilian Blowout were invented, Filipinas would turn to natural ingredients like Gugo and coconut milk to maintain lustrous, thick hair.

IMG_3707-001.JPGGugo is an herb that grows in the Philippines which is popular for it’s hair benefits and medicinal properties. The bark of the Gugo tree is soaked in water, then the juice is squeezed out and lathered all over the hair. No need for surfactants, SLS or foaming agents. The saponin in Gugo helps clarify the scalp, gets rid of dandruff and strengthens the hair strands.


The Zenutrients Gugo Strengthening Shampoo lathers really well and left my scalp feeling squeaky clean but not dry. The Gugo Strengthening Conditioner is easy to apply with a creamy consistency that really got into my hair strands. I left it on for about 2-3 minutes. After washing, I immediately felt how soft my hair was. I expected it to be heavy and “bagsak” but to my surprise (when my hair dried out), the strands were so light, a simple breeze from the fan would send all the hair strands all over my face. This is good if you wish to keep your hair straight and free flowing. Tie it up if you want to. If you’re about to style your hair though, you will need to apply mousse, hair serum or hair spray just to keep your strands in place and to put a little bit of weight on the hair.

Overall, I am impressed with this duo. I think this is a good clarifying shampoo that helps clear out scalp build-up and oil. The Zenutrients Gugo Strengthening Shampoo and Conditioner are available at Zenutrients kiosks and at their main branch at 57 East Capitol Drive, Pasig City. Thanks to Sample Room for sending the sample kit for me to try.

250 ml – P249

500 ml – P465

1 liter – P790


The TLC Fest 2016 was scheduled on the same day of the One Gospel Conference so I had to leave right after my break out session. Last year, it was also held at the same venue but according to my friend Kat, the festival for 2016 is so much bigger. Janet Hsieh is back and it’s always a delight to chat with her; Cake Boss Buddy Valastro has been in town for about a week and I heard his schedule’s really packed. We didn’t get to see him that day because I had to leave for another event at the SMX Convention Center.  Over lunch, I also got to meet Dan Churchill and Hayden Quinn of Surfing the Menu. Check out the VLOG below and see the different booths and quick hellos from Janet, Dan and Hayden:


Days before my One Gospel talk, my external hard drive got busted and I had to take it to the recovery center. While I was able to get my presentation together, my files refused to open even if I worked on a Mac and opened the same files on a Mac. It was stressful but I thank God that we were able to get the presentation to run on GUESS WHAT? A WINDOWS COMPUTER. Despite the tech challenges, it’s still very evident that God is always in control. The session still went on as planned and I’m happy to have served Him through this engagement.

One Gospel is a missions conference for youth and young adults. One Gospel movement emphasizes the Gospel – its centrality and the responsibility we have to spread the Good News of the Kingdom of God, both in our local and cross cultural contexts.


This is it ladies and gentlemen! It’s production week for Fire of Hope! We open with our first two shows this weekend (November 26, 8pm and November 27, 4pm) at the Meralco Theatre.

Almost half a year ago, I didn’t even plan to audition but I found myself at the right place and at the right time so I figured, it would be fun to try. It’s been a while since I did theatre. I walked in, filled up a form, waited for my turn to sing and dance and walked home without expecting anything.

I was surprised to get called back weeks later, while I was busy with my radio job and preparing to leave for the Lausanne YLG in Indonesia. I walked into the rehearsal room, sang a song for the director and was asked to read a few lines. The next day, I got a text informing me that I made it and I had to study the role of Hannah. We began rehearsals July of this year. Now that I’m looking back at all of that, I just can’t believe that I have two weeks to be with this cast and crew I’ve grown to love. Hope to see you at the Meralco Theatre! Ticket details are in the video!

Sample Room and Human Nature Stash!

I put together this quick VLOG to show you some of the goodies I got from Sample Room and Human Nature. I haven’t done this in a while and I blame my separation from my beloved portable drive (that’s a long story which I will talk about in another VLOG). Anyway, if you’re new here and you’ve never heard of Sample Room, it’s a web community I’ve been a part of for years now. They believe in empowering the Filipina consumer by allowing her to try out products for free before splurging.

It’s no laughing matter when you spend so much for skin and hair products or make-up, only to find out that you’re allergic to certain ingredients. Some products will cause you to react in a matter of minutes while others can take from 24-48 hours. Once you find out that your body has no adverse reaction, then you can decide if you’ll purchase them full size or not.

Also included in the video are the contents of the Human Nature box I received.

Insights and Notes from the 16th Leaders and Achievers Summit

img_4472-001I always look forward to opportunities to improve myself through learning. For the past few years, I’ve been taking online classes offered by universities and have benefitted a lot from the excellently-planned educational material that I can access from the comfort of my own home. I like that I am able to listen to professors’ lectures from across the globe, submit my assignment on a weekly basis, participate in lesson discussions with classmates from different nationalities and of course, test my lesson retention through weekly quizzes.

Books are definitely good learning and reference material, allowing readers to be somehow mentored by the writers as they share their life, passion and research. The most exciting for me it seems, are seminars and conferences. Being a public speaker myself, it is a joy for me to listen to seasoned professionals and subject-matter experts who bring their varied education, background and experiences. The fact that I can actually interact and network with them in the flesh is a bonus. I especially like it when they open the floor for questions for it allows attendees to clarify insights and seek the speakers’ viewpoints.

I recently attended the 16th Leaders and Achievers Summit organized by Salt and Light Ventures. They brought together six world-class speakers who shared their experience and insights on Creating Leadership Value and strengthening one’s personal and leadership brand.


Gerry Plana, the CEO of Investors in People UK (Philippines) started the day with “Leadership Branding Defined.” In his talk, he outlined:
-the value of the brand and how leadership benefits from a brand
-understanding the two main strains which produced a multitude of leadership brands today
-developing one’s personal leadership brand
-developing an organization’s leadership brand

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