It’s always a joy for me to speak at La Salle Greenhills. When I was first asked to give a talk (I was actually subbing for my very good friend Ginny), I WAS SO NERVOUS! I was overwhelmed with the thought of speaking in front of a huge crowd of boys! I sought advice from some of my teacher friends and really went in with tons of prayer. I give credit to God for everything–the boldness to speak, the ability to engage and influence them. Watch the video below and see how much I had with the Grade 11 boys.

Insights and Notes from the 16th Leaders and Achievers Summit

img_4472-001I always look forward to opportunities to improve myself through learning. For the past few years, I’ve been taking online classes offered by universities and have benefitted a lot from the excellently-planned educational material that I can access from the comfort of my own home. I like that I am able to listen to professors’ lectures from across the globe, submit my assignment on a weekly basis, participate in lesson discussions with classmates from different nationalities and of course, test my lesson retention through weekly quizzes.

Books are definitely good learning and reference material, allowing readers to be somehow mentored by the writers as they share their life, passion and research. The most exciting for me it seems, are seminars and conferences. Being a public speaker myself, it is a joy for me to listen to seasoned professionals and subject-matter experts who bring their varied education, background and experiences. The fact that I can actually interact and network with them in the flesh is a bonus. I especially like it when they open the floor for questions for it allows attendees to clarify insights and seek the speakers’ viewpoints.

I recently attended the 16th Leaders and Achievers Summit organized by Salt and Light Ventures. They brought together six world-class speakers who shared their experience and insights on Creating Leadership Value and strengthening one’s personal and leadership brand.


Gerry Plana, the CEO of Investors in People UK (Philippines) started the day with “Leadership Branding Defined.” In his talk, he outlined:
-the value of the brand and how leadership benefits from a brand
-understanding the two main strains which produced a multitude of leadership brands today
-developing one’s personal leadership brand
-developing an organization’s leadership brand

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Covering Jacqueline Whitmore’s Press Conference in Manila

When I heard that Jacqueline Whitmore would be one of the speakers for the 16th Achievers and Leaders Summit at Shangri-la, I immediately got in touch with Salt and Light Ventures to inquire about the learning event. The Achievers and Leaders Summit is a conference that brings together influential leaders of various fields with ideas that inspire and provoke change. The event is often well-attended, allowing companies and individuals to be briefly mentored by world-class speakers towards a better work life. This year, the focus of the ALS is Creating Leadership Value.


Jacqueline Whitmore is an international etiquette expert, a bestselling author and a certified speaking professional. With years of experience under her belt handling various functions, Jacqueline has developed and defined her own leadership brand which she has seamlessly tied up with her etiquette expertise.


She has released three books so far: Poised for Success, How to Mingle, Network and Remember Names and Business Class: Etiquette Essentials for Success at Work.

Below are snippets from the press conference.

On Double-Checking Facts, Fake News and Urban Legends


Oh hello there, first 2016 post! I hope you all were able to make it through the New Year’s celebrations with complete digits and all ten toes. Social media was abuzz with people Instagramming their New Year’s feasts and Snapchatting fun activities and the ruckus of welcoming the year 2016.

While going through my feed today, I came across this video that resonated with the things my media professors taught our college class. I thought: it’s about time that someone produced a video that talks about the careless sharing of links without double-checking facts!

I am posting this so that you may learn and be wary. So many times have I come across contacts who pass on links, photos and videos without verifying the information. Some even put their own impassioned comments, only to be told off by their friends that the link they shared is a HOAX.

Yes, photos and videos can be manipulated. All it takes is slick Photoshop and video-editing skills. Don’t even get me started on NEWS. There is a difference between legit, unbiased news sites, gossip blogs, and those with curated creative content. I hope you also know how to differentiate real news from SATIRE and PARODY. David Emery, an urban legends expert says:

Satire is a venerable form of social commentary using humor to ridicule human vices and follies. The Internet is rife with it, especially news satire, or fake news, consisting of fictionalized accounts of current events presented in mock-journalistic style to lampoon politicians, celebrities, and social mores.

You need to filter out information before accepting it as true. Make it a habit to DOUBLE-CHECK FACTS–or are we too lazy to do that as well? You don’t want to risk spreading wrong information and embarrass yourself for falling for fake news. 🙂