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What to do after decluttering your closet | INGRID NIETO Vlogs

So you’re done with decluttering and sorting out your clothes. Is shopping the next step!?!?! HOLD YOUR HORSES! Before going shopping, it’s important to assess how much of your current, sorted out wardrobe can still serve your needs. And then you list down what things you lack, based on your current lifestyle, activities and season in life. ENJOY THE VID!

Beauty and Style, Image Consultancy, Video Blog


Here are some of my wardrobe decluttering tips that I’ve used through the years. It’s important that you do an assessment of where you currently are in life, what you do and what your activities are. You may be holding on to a lot of things that no longer serve you and your lifestyle.

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Tried out decluttering the #Konmari way
Though it was tough giving some stuff away
I knew I had to quit being a sentimental hoarder
If not, then my room would always be out of order
(Wow. I wrote a poem. Cheers to decluttering!)