Radio Vlog: What’s It Like to Host a Morning Radio Show?

Hey it’s another #RadioVlog! This time I’m featuring Stan and Cesca of Wave 89.1’s The Morning Takeover. How tough is it to host a morning radio program? Watch the video and learn from their experience! Catch their show from Monday-Friday 7am-10am on Wave 89.1!

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Let’s Talk About Radio | Ingrid Nieto Talks

It was a challenge compressing lessons + stories from my 15 years of radio experience to just 5 points. Will definitely come up with a Part 2! 🙂

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My Reusable Cloth Pads, Radio Work, Pre-marital Counseling & Visiting Mellow947 | INGRID NIETO Vlogs

What a full day! 😀 Finally got my orders from Period In Style. I ordered reusable cloth pads. Did radio work, attended our pre-marital counseling session and visited Mellow947.

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Thursday Vlog: Radio, lunch w/ DJs and my Hebrew class | INGRID NIETO Vlogs

Another full day–from radio to meeting up with my former colleagues from Mellow (Stan and Chloe) to another fun day in school. #SeminaryLife #RadioLife

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The Final Voyage of The Afternoon Cruise

I wish I could say more but this VLOG perfectly encapsulates everything. Thanks to everybody who journeyed with me for the past 10 years at Mellow947.

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I can’t believe two years just flew by so fast. One minute you’re watching TV and seeing all these talented youngsters belt it out on The Voice Kids, the next minute you’re interviewing them and they don’t sound like kids anymore. JK Labajo was on the first season of the Voice Kids under Team Bamboo. Alth0ugh he didn’t win the competition, doors kept opening left and right for the young singer and actor.

JK dropped by The Afternoon Cruise to perform songs from his album under MCA Music. During his stint on The Voice Kids, he usually sang old songs–Frank Sinatra, love ballads and jazz standards. You’d be thinking for someone his age, he’d appreciate more of Justin Timberlake, Greyson Chance or Nathan Sykes but he grew up loving the classics. With the release of his album, JK embraces more of his generation’s music, making fans swoon with his covers an original tracks.
Check out the videos from his Stage 1 performance below:

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Lunar Lights on Stage 1


Lunar Lights is a three-year-old alternative rock band from Malolos, Bulacan that just signed with Warner Music Philippines. The 5-man band is composed of Rocky Villanueva on vocals, Paul Armand Pascual on lead guitar, Mark Aquino on the keys, Eron dela Cruz on the bass and Maverick Meneses on drums. Though they count 30 Seconds to Mars, The Killers, Switchfoot and Coldplay as influences, their goal is to use their original songs to uplift the spirit of arts and culture in the Philippines. Their debut album will be released later this year. For now, enjoy these songs they performed on my show, The Afternoon Cruise:

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Tippy and I have known each other since 2009 when we were both students for a musical theatre class. The bubbly, talented teenager was easy to warm up to because she always had this welcoming smile. Even if she’s been performing for so long, she never made the other students feel like she was above everyone else the class. She was friendly, bungisngis and very sweet. 😀

Backstage before the Legally Blonde showcase

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A Peek Into a Radio DJ’s Life (Part 1)

Ever wondered what it’s like working in radio? A lot of my friends who have visited me at work get a complete turnaround once they see what actually goes on behind the mic. A job in radio may sound easy but it also involves a lot of planning, preparation, conceptualization and research especially if you want to do your job well.

Even if I’ve had over a decade of radio experience, I try to find something new to learn and impart to my listeners each day. In this type of job, it’s easy to settle. I have to admit that there are those BLAH days but I have to constantly remind myself that I serve a big God, that it is He who put me here. I remember years ago when I prayed to get a job in radio–I was overly eager but the time was not yet right. As I look back now, I realize how God was involved in all the smallest details of my career. The opportunities and doors He opened up were all learning points intended to mold me, make me see how doomed I am without Him and experience His grace day by day.


It’s easy to be tempted by the fame and perks that come with the job–you’re on-air, you feel like you have a powerful voice, you get cool stuff, you get access to events and concerts–I am grateful for these but the Lord has constantly been reminding me that these things pass. What is most important to Him is how I have used the opportunities He’s given to share the Gospel and give glory to Him.

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Songs from The Company

The Company, Asia’s premiere vocal group, dropped by my show a few weeks ago to promote their concert and sing songs from their latest album Nostalgia.

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