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I recently met with the team of led by their Managing Editor, Pat Adriano. Pat and I have been talking weeks before the shoot and it was great to finally meet her in person and see her color direction up close. While her light skin and deep, voluminous hair were the first qualities that struck me upon seeing her, as I took her through the color tools, it was noticeable how the deeper and more intense colors had a heavy effect on her appearance. Pat looked better in colors that were cool and moderately saturated.

Read about her experience here and watch the video below to see some of her best colors and those that weren’t very flattering, especially when worn near her face.

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Image and Color Consulting

I find it rewarding to help and teach my clients and students from all walks of life. I want to help you look your best, dress in your best colors, embrace and work with your shape, height & proportions so you can confidently reach your personal and professional goals.

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Statement Earrings from Make Me Blush PH

Statement earrings are one of the easiest ways to wear color near your face. It’s a sure win if you get them in the right color, length and style that flatters your personal coloring, face shape and scale. πŸ™‚ Join me as I unbox my new batch of summer earrings from πŸ’œπŸ’šπŸ§‘πŸ’™

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Color Analysis Feature on GMA7’s Dapat Alam Mo

I am very happy to share this recent television feature on Color Analysis in one of the biggest local networks here in the Philippines. Dapat Alam Mo is a daily newsmagazine program on GMA7 which features the latest news and human interest stories.

Color analysis has certainly been making the rounds on Tiktok, Youtube and Instagram as people have become more aware and fascinated with the power of wearing the right colors for one’s color direction and personality. Finding out one’s colors is more than just vanity (of course it will make you look good and give you that lift); Since 2019, it’s been a delight to help my clients create more intentional wardrobes that work for their coloring, body shape and proportions, as well as their personality and lifestyle.

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Color Coordinating Green

Green has more variations in hue than any other color ranging from cool sea greens to warm olives. When in its mid tone – parakeet green – it’s also a color that is considered trendy rather than classic.

Overall, green is a color of vitality, positivity, motivation, and health.

To wear green most successfully know which greens suit you.

Here five ways to coordinate green into your everyday style.
1️⃣ Coordinate green with purple, magenta, orange or yellow for a strikingly creative image.
2️⃣ Go monochrome for a creative nod. Avoid wearing the same shade head to toe unless you have some styling expertise under your belt.
3️⃣ Wear green with neutrals such as black, white, and camel.
4️⃣ Team green with blue; from denim to navy.
5️⃣ Take caution when teaming parakeet and emerald greens with red – you’re likely to look like you still have a Christmas hangover. A more flattering approach is to team red with olive tones.

Is green one of your favorite colors? Do you know which greens best suit your coloring and can be an asset in your wardrobe?
The only way to find out is through an in-person color analysis. This is a fun discovery process which will:
βœ… Help you shop smarter for clothing and make-up colors.
βœ… Give you guidance on which hair colors work well with your personal color direction.
βœ… Turn your closet into a place of inspiration and versatility.
βœ… Make every fashion purchase one that is worthy of you and your spend.
βœ… Turn heads for all the right reasons.
Book your Color Analysis session today – Send a DM via to inquire about current packages.

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How to Start a Leaner, More Practical and Functional Wardrobe for 2023

How do you start a wardrobe revamp? Is it necessary to have tons of clothes and accessories just so you can create stylish outfits that reflect your personality, are appropriate and functional for your career? This video is a re-do of my Wardrobe Audit video from 2 years ago. I decided to do an updated version for 2023. Hope you learn from this video and I look forward to helping you discover your color and style direction should you desire to book a 1:1 session.