Color Analysis

Must Know Facts to Discover Your Best Colors

There are days when our appearance fills us with confidence. We smile at our reflection because we know we look good and we feel empowered to take on the day. It’s on these days that our lives seem to flow easier, the world is rosier and everything seems to go smoothly.

Of course, there are also days when we experience the opposite.

While the style and personality of what you wear contribute to your looking and feeling great, so does color. Studies have proven it’s the first thing others notice and color plays an important part in how you are perceived in terms of health, vitality, youthfulness, and even intelligence.

To discover the hues that best suit your color direction, you need to discover your best colors in terms of:

❶ Relative Temperature: cool, warm, and/or neutral colors
❷ Intensity: soft, smoky or clear, crisp colors or in-between.
❸ Value: light, medium, or dark colors
❹ Contrast: High, medium, or low.

Color is possibly the most useful tool we have at our disposal: to express our personality, to stand out or blend into a situation, and to feel empowered to tackle just about anything. It’s a tool every woman should strive to understand and use to her advantage.

If you don’t know…
-the colors that suit you
-how to use color to express your style

If you need help in using color to meet your business or personal goals, then a personal color analysis session with me will be an eye-opener and game-changer for you! Send a private message to inquire or book.

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Pearls – The Princess of Accessories

The pearl is the world’s oldest gemstone with some of the earliest references of them being used when they were presented as gifts to Chinese royalty in 2300 BC. Julius Caesar passed a law in the first century BC that pearls were to be exclusively worn by the ruling class and this is likely where along with their rarity they became synonymous with aristocracy, superiority and wealth.

Pearls became accessible to more women after Kokicho Mikimoto discovered how to create cultured pearls (farmed pearls) in 1897 and grew expodentially in favor when Chanel wore them in her iconic 1936 portrait. In 1961, Audrey Hepburn made pearls famous with her portrayal of a wealthy socialite.

In 2013 Alber Elbaz during his helmship of French luxury house Lanvin, reimagined the stone and featured it on the Fall/Winter runway. He used pearls in many new and unexpected ways. Suddenly, pearls were cool. These were “Not your mother’s pearls,” writers declared.

A few years later, Prabal Gurung also turned to pearls to accessorize his Fall/Winter 2018 collection, showing giant pearl ear cuffs and pearl waterfall-like earrings that cascaded from the lobe down to the shoulder.

Do you love pearls? How and when do you wear them?
Pearls are a great way to add some femininity and elegance to an outfit. When shopping it’s great to know the style, length and scale of pearl earring that will suit your face shape, neck length, neckline and outfit.

A style session with me can address all these things and so much more. Send a DM via to inquire about rates and available schedules.

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Fashion Speak: Hem Lengths

A skirt with its hemline well above the knees, generally at mid-thigh level.
If you love the freedom and style of a short dress, then slip on your favorite pair of flats or heels and rock a mini dress for casual, semi-casual, or semi-formal events.

Any length from two inches below the knees to just above the ankles.
Dresses with mid-length skirts are ideal for any age group and most occasions from casual to semi-formal. Depending upon the style and the adornments of the dress, you can wear a mid-length dress for a cocktail event. Midi dresses/skirts are a great choice for the busy career woman who is on the go and needs a closet full of fashionable day-to-night wear. Wear a mid-length dress/skirt with a great pair of sandals, a pair of favorite boots, sophisticated pumps, or sexy heels.

Ankle to the floor. Great for relaxed family celebrations, barbecues, and vacations, a casual or semi-casual maxi dress is a versatile, fashionable, and comfortable choice. For formal occasions, maxi or floor-length gowns and skirts are the most ideal.

As an image consultant I can show you how to look and feel fabulous every day regardless of your age, size, budget or lifestyle.
Tweaks in your appearance, how you wear your clothes, style and carry yourself can change the way you face each day and pleasantly surprise those who interact with you! I offer 1:1 in-person image, style and color consultations. Send a message via Instagram to inquire.