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Personal Color Analysis: Your Hair Color Matters!

Your hair color matters! Sometimes you can get your clothes and make-up colors right, but the wrong hair color can throw off the harmony in your look.

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Wardrobe Audit: Get a Leaner, More Practical Wardrobe | INGRID NIETO Vlogs

Do you have tons of clothes but still feel like you have nothing to wear? Maybe it’s time for a wardrobe and lifestyle audit! In the video I talk about 5 tips that you can do as you start to work with a leaner, more practical wardrobe. #PracticalLiving #PracticalWardrobe


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I remember going through a quick color swatch during one of my classes at John Robert Powers many years ago. I was a teenager then and was completely clueless about the power of colors. I would randomly pick clothes that I thought looked cool or trendy without thinking so much if they were in the right color for my skin tone. The result? I ended up spending a lot of money on clothes that really didn’t make me look my best.

Discovering your color season will prove to be very helpful when you go shopping, get your hair dyed or even do your make-up. It’s a journey of self-discovery and acceptance–there really are times when a dress would look great on a model but have the opposite effect on you. There’d be moments when you try to replicate a make-up look but end up frustrated because you can’t seem to nail it. Don’t doubt your skills entirely; maybe the colors just aren’t right for you.

The Color Theory revolves around the four basic seasons: Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. This doesn’t mean that your skin tone corresponds to the season of your present location. I live in sunny Metro Manila but my color season is neither rainy or sunny. :-p My natural hair color is black (which of course, due to vanity purposes, I have dyed since I graduated from college), my eye color is dark brown and my skin is light with warm undertones. Below are illustrations of the different color seasons.

Color Analysis Spging

Color Analysis SummerColor Analysis autumnColor Analysis WINTER

Once you know your colors, it will be easier for you to tell if a dress or make-up shade is worth buying. Is it in your color or will it make you look washed-out? Will it make your skin glow? What hair color shades can you play around with?

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Hair Story: Going from Red to Ash

My hair has gone through quite an adventure this year. In February I dyed it red because my stylist Apple convinced me I needed a new look for 2015.

My red hair's first outing - The Burt's Bees X Sample Room event
My red hair’s first outing – The Burt’s Bees X Sample Room event

Me after the talk I gave for an org in Ateneo
Me after the talk I gave for an org in Ateneo

Me and my disciple Kayla, showing off our promise rings
Me and my disciple Kayla, showing off our promise rings

The thing with red hair is that you have to be careful because it can leave red marks on your light-colored clothes even when your hair gets slightly wet. Summer was merciless this year in terms of heat. At the end of the day, I discovered red stains on my clothes which I was able to remove as long as I washed them right away but it was such a hassle. I then decided to chop my hair off and get a lob.

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