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Saturday is usually ministry day for me, except if I have trips, workshops to attend/teach or events to host. Our leaders’ meeting for our Bible Study Fellowship evening women’s class in Ortigas is held Saturday mornings at 6:30. We prepare for class night, have separate leadership development sessions and we get to engage in God’s Word by sharing in the discussion questions and homiletics.

*Thanks to my fellow GL Riva for taking and sharing these photos!

For this particular Saturday, we had our leaders’ fellowship (we do this once a month) so we had time to catch-up and enjoy delicious finger food. ๐Ÿ™‚

Following immediately was the launch of S.H.E., the support group for single young professional women in GCF. We invited blogger, speaker and homeschooling advocate Joy Tan-chi Mendoza to speak. She happens to be the niece of Tita Mina, one of the core members of the GCF Ortigas Women’s Ministry team. She brought along all five of her children, who she says are always with her and Edric (her husband) whenever they have speaking engagements.

Joy spoke on Identity: The P’s of God’s Best Life for You (Colossians 3:1-17):
1) Know your Purpose
2) Obey His Principles
3) Order Your Priorities
4) Elevate Him with Your Pursuits and Passions
5) Discover His Pleasure and Peace

Sorry if the bullet points are bitin. I tried to take down notes but I was busy making sure the camera was running well and we were still within the allotted time. The ladies looked forward to the QandA session where Joy answered questions about singlehood, homeschooling her kids, growing up, her background, married life and faith. Watch the VLOG below for more!

After the launch, I had a bit of a break so I changed to more comfy clothes. Youth worship followed at 5pm and then we also had the Youth Leaders Mentoring Session facilitated by Kuya Ave Gaspar. He taught us how to use the Precepts material for our discipleship meetings. Precepts is in-depth Bible study which challenges you to delve deep into God’s Word without the use of commentaries. You focus only on the Bible and let it speak to you as you break down the passages and do word studies.

I realized I’ve already written too much. ๐Ÿ™‚ Go watch the VLOG below and make sure you SUBSCRIBE and give it a thumbs up! Thanks and God bless you!

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Welcome to my YLG VLOG! Catch David Benson’s morning plenary message, the Arts Team skit, the lively praise and worship, the Philippine YLG meet-up, State of the World report and evening plenary messages from Tracy Trinita, Nick Hall and Ravi Zacharias.

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Welcome to DAY 2 of Camp Live! This day started out with the kids going through a crazy trust exercise that involved their sense of touch and taste. I also give you a tour around Batangas Country Club and show you the fun Amazing Race challenge.

Spiritual Reflections

When Ministry Becomes “ME-nistry”
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โ€œI’m so #blessed! Wala pa akong tulog but played during church service at 9AM, had lunch with my group, nag-counsel pa ako sa hapon and then led worship for the evening service! God’s so good! Thanks for giving me energy Lord!โ€

โ€œ100 people received the Lord! Hindi ako prepared mag-share but I led them all to receive Christ!โ€

On the surface, these statements seem harmless. On the surface, they do appear to glorify God. In the age of social media, is it right or wrong to update our social networks with all the deeds weโ€™ve done for the Lord? There is nothing wrong with sharing the joy of serving in ministry however we have to watch out for there is a fine line between harmless sharing and sharing to boast of one’s good deeds.

How do I know this? I used to be like this.

At first, it felt good to share until my motives shiftedโ€”in my heart of hearts, I knew I was waiting for the commendation. Then the Lord convicted me and showed me that I am no different from the Pharisees who flaunt what they do to gain a reputation in the community. That rebuke was not easy. Confronted with it, I thought โ€œLord naman, I’m doing this for You… what’s wrong kung i-share ko sa social network ko?โ€ While there isn’t anything majorly wrong with sharing, we have to be mindful of the words we use and more importantly, the MOTIVES.

Am I crafting the words in a way that will make me INCREASE and Christ DECREASE?
Am I doing this as an expression of my love for God and others?
Am I serving as an overflow of the grace I’ve received? Or do I serve because I want to gain a reputation for myself?
Am I serving because I want people to admire or compliment me?

Hard questions but as true believers, we need to come face to face with the sin in our hearts. I realized that no matter how good we think we are because we serve, go to church regularly and know so much about the Bible, sin manages to creep in and that is why WE NEED JESUS CHRIST. Kahit feeling natin ang bait bait na natin, we still fall short of the standards.

Don’t feel helpless though. Don’t let the devil tear you down and tell you โ€œSee! Sinner ka pa din kahit may ministry ka! You don’t deserve to serve kasi epal ka! Wag ka na mag-serve!โ€
When faced with the reality of sin, instead of running away, we must draw closer to Christ. Confess the sin to Him, ask for forgiveness and His help to overcome it.

Let’s keep an eye on our motives so that MINISTRY does not become โ€œME-NISTRY.โ€

John 3:30
โ€œHe must increase, but I must decrease.โ€ (ESV)