2ND Ultra Glow Drip at Drip Science | INGRID NIETO Vlogs

Late upload of my 2nd Ultra Glow Drip Session at Drip Science. My first session went on fine but for this, I noticed I got dizzy after. The nurse recommends that food should be taken before the session and make sure you’re hydrated! I was fine after drinking water and resting for a few minutes and I was able to drive myself home.

As for the results: nourished skin from the inside and smoother texture! It’s been a treat wearing lesser make-up these days. I don’t need to cover up my skin that much so I usually just wear tinted moisturizer with SPF, a bit of tint, lip color, eyeliner and my lashes!

The Culture of No Show, Last-Minute Cancellation and Flimsy Excuses


One night after coming home from work, Dave noticed how quiet and serious my face I was. I assured him it wasn’t anything he did; I didn’t exactly have a bad day but I expressed my utter disappointment on a very bad habit that is seemingly prevalent in our highly-connected digital world:




Though I haven’t been around long enough like the Baby Boomers and Gen-Xers (I belong to Generation Y), some of the good virtues these generations have modeled are

1) being committed to your word and

2) showing up at the agreed time and place, with no need of excessive follow-up and confirmation.
Back then, when snail mail, landline phones and pagers were the main venues for personal communication, when an appointment was set and both parties agreed, expect both to show up at the venue. There was no need for excessive reminders and follow-up calls.

Nowadays, despite a barrage of
“Just confirming our meeting…”
“May I remind you…”
“So, I’ll see you on that day.”
“See you on _____ at this time.”

These are some of the responses you would get:

1. “Sh*********! I forgot, sorry. Pwede bang re-sked?”
There are so many ways to plot and plan one’s schedule. As the famous line goes, “There’s an app for that.”
Before committing to a meeting or a task, is it not common sense to check one’s schedule to see if it’s an open date and time? Also, if you are prone to forgetting, IT IS A MUST TO WRITE THINGS DOWN and SET REMINDERS.

Please consider that the person you committed to has made time and expects something from you. It is so much more embarrassing if the person is able to make it to the appointment (considering travel time and his/her other schedules) and you don’t show up. I made this mistake many, many years ago and the embarrassment towards the other person was something that plagued me for days. I was disappointed with myself because 1) I forgot 2) I said yes to her and said yes to another meeting without checking that their times overlapped. I’ve learned my lesson then. It isn’t a sin to say “I’m not available on that date/time, how about this day?” You just have to make it clear that you would like to meet and you are setting aside time because you value them.

59885282_2232906966744369_5721315640358471412_n2. The “no response at all” bail out
Do you want to meet or no? It’s best to make it clear if you are not interested or there really isn’t space in your schedule for the other party. Saying YES to an invite however and then ghosting on the person who invited you does not make you look important. Yes, you may be busy, something more important came up or there’s an emergency. The key is to communicate these at the soonest possible time so that the other person is not left waiting on you.


3. *EXCUSE #1 EXCUSE #2 EXCUSE #3* Pwede bang re-sked? Pwede bang bukas na lang?
Be honest. You know an excuse vs. a legitimate reason.
You know when you didn’t do what you were supposed to do, hence the delay.
You know when you’re making up an emergency that doesn’t really exist.
You know when you’re blaming your fault on somebody when it was supposed to be your job all along.

Honesty and time stewardship are very important. If you have deliverables, do what you can to give them at the appointed time. If it does become challenging, then it boils down again to communicating where you’re at so you can manage the other person’s expectations. “I’m having trouble at this stage of the process. Trying to get results but we’re in a stump. I regret to inform you but there might be a 1-2 day delay. I’m sorry but we are trying our best.”

Being honest instead of giving flimsy excuses, gives assurance to the other party that you are committed to follow through your deliverables despite some challenges you encounter.

Have you ever been stood up or cancelled on by someone? What did you feel? How did you respond? Sound off on the comments below, I would love to know your thoughts.
Thanks and have a great day!

Philbeauty 2019 | INGRID NIETO Vlogs

I don’t think I prepared enough strength to go around! Congratulations Philbeauty for another successful run. I got to talk to a lot of people from different countries who were in town to showcase their products and services. Philbeauty is now on its 5th year and they have successfully helped connect people and businesses in the beauty and wellness industry.

Kimi Lu’s Protons HQ Launch!

It’s a delight for me to celebrate friends’ milestones, so when Kimi told me that her #ProtonsHQ would finally be launched (and blessed), I confirmed my attendance and chose a slot. Guests were grouped in batches, and the activities and experience lined up by Kimi were different per group. Congratulations Kimi, we celebrate your life and the Protons HQ! Excited for the workshops and events you’ll be holding in this space!

Your Procrastination Affects Others Too


Your procrastination does not only affect you, it affects others too.

If you can take the fact that it takes a blow on your performance, you also should be mindful that when you don’t do your job, you delay the timeline and other processes can’t commence because there’s a bottleneck in your department.

Fix your schedule. We all have 24 hours in a day. The difference is how we prioritize and use our time.

Don’t make flimsy excuses. If you are committed to seeing your work through, you will find solutions. Hindi yung roadblock 1 “Ok, I give up! Boss ayaw mag-send ng email ko. So therefore, hindi ko magagawa ang trabaho ko today.” Seriously? Kayang kaya mag-update ng Facebook, kayang-kaya mag-level up sa Mobile Legends pero di magawan ng paraan ang email.

“Umulan kasi kaya hindi ko na-send yung email.”

“Hindi ako makapag-email kasi wala ako sa office.”

“Nakalimutan ko.”

“Kasalanan kasi ng team mate ko to eh.”

Resorting to flimsy excuses only emphasizes that you did not exhaust all means to get the task done. In other words, you are not resourceful.

Be accountable. So you made a mistake? Be humble enough to apologize to the people and teams involved. Be accountable if nagkamali ka talaga or may delay dahil hindi mo nagawa ang trabaho mo, swallow your pride and say sorry. Sweeping it under the rug or being all defensive will only add to people’s dislike and disappointment of you. If they know you recognize & admit your mistake, then things can move forward a little better. Just make sure that you will do your job better & won’t repeat the cycle of procrastination all over again.