Spiritual Reflections

WHEN IT’S WISE TO WAIT PART 2 – Notes from Charles Stanley’s sermon

By Charles Stanley

We usually associate waiting with wasting time
Waiting on the Lord means to remain in our present circumstances until we hear a directive from God

Waiting is directive, active stillness
Obedience and prayer

THE REWARDS OF WAITING (Pausing. Don’t move. Don’t make a decision until you get a very clear sense of guidance from God)
1.      We discover God’s will and purpose in whatever it is we are concerned about
Making decisions without waiting upon Him usually gets us in trouble
He is willing and ready to show us an answer/petition in His perfect time

2.      We receive the supernatural physical energy and strength
3.      You and I will win the battles of life if we will learn to wait upon the Lord (Ps. 147:11)
4.      We receive answers to our prayers (Psalm 40:1-3)
What is it that causes us to stop praying abt things? It’s us quitting when God doesn’t answer our prayers according to our schedule.

God wants us to win in the battles of life; we only have to listen to Him, to obey Him and wait upon Him.
5.      Seeing the fulfillment of our faith (Isaiah 49:43) Those who wait for me will not be put to shame.

Trust upon God and you don’t have to worry about being ashamed or embarrassed or things not turning out right
6.      We will see God working on our behalf. He will act on our behalf (those who wait). He is working with our interests at heart, he is working on our team.

1.      FAITH
2.      HUMILITY – I must come to Him and submit
3.      PATIENCE – I am willing to remain calm and quiet in the midst of stress and challenge
4.      COURAGE-
a.     Courage to resist following my schedule and timing rather than God’s
b.     Courage to resist the pressure of the attitudes and opinions of other people who think it is time for me to move
c.     Courage to resist the fear of failure of what will happen when things don’t turn out the way I planned

1.      We get out of God’s will
2.      We miss God’s planned blessings
3.      We cause ourselves pain, heartache and grief
4.      Cause others to get hurt
5.      Cause us financially, opportunities or relationships
6.      Will bring confusion to our lives

It is wise to wait because God in His perfect wisdom always knows what is best and because He is good, He has planned his very best for you and me.

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