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Winning at the 34th Catholic Mass Media Awards

34th Catholic Mass Media Awards – Best Entertainment Program (Radio) 



There goes the only word I was able to muster when my show was announced the winner of the Best Entertainment Program at the 34th Catholic Mass Media Awards. When I was little, I’ve had daydreams of myself accepting an award related to performing arts since I was really into singing and acting then.

As I got deeper in my relationship with God and as His purpose became clearer to me, so did my desires and goals. If you’ve been listening to my radio show, you might have heard me mention the many times I tried to get off the path the Lord laid out for me just because I wanted to follow my selfish desires. Like some people, there was a time that I thought of God as a cosmic killjoy who got in the way of my plans. I felt like I’d want to pursue something and He’d be hovering over me, telling me “Ingrid, that’s not a good choice.” Of course, I reason and bargain with Him “Lord, everyone’s doing it. Everyone is fine with it, why can’t I?”

The Lord was so patient with me as He showed me the reasons for His plans. He also opened my eyes to the realities and consequences of the paths I planned to take. I’m not saying that the Lord stands in the way of all of our plans and thwarts them; walk closely with the Lord and you will know if the plans you have are in line with His. There are also instances where you need to change them up a bit or abandon them all together.

I’ve been in radio since 2004 but there were many times I wanted to get out believing that I could prosper elsewhere, like an airline career. The Lord made it clear that He placed me where I am for a reason and that He has equipped me to carry out the work. So I surrendered and experienced true peace. Why the heck did I keep insisting my own way? Why did I think I knew what was better for me when I have a God who knows my past and my future?

Embracing God’s call made me realize how there is a need to take the “salt and light” role seriously. There are many people in need of Christ. There are a lot of people who resort to empty solutions to their problems when they can humble themselves before the Lord, ask for forgiveness and live a life that reflects Him. 

On the second week of September, this invitation arrived at the station.

Whoa! The Catholic Mass Media Awards! First time. 🙂

During the course of the week, our program director Mr V, kept reminding me that I MUST GO. September 25, Tuesday at 5pm? No biggie, I could go after my radio show. As it got closer and closer to September 25, I started having jitters. It was the first CMMA nomination for Mellow, so I thought I might as well prepare for this. Stan of The Twisted Tag Team (Saturdays, 2pm-5pm on Mellow) sat in for the Afternoon Cruise as I got ready for the awards night.

The stage where everything took place!

Message from His Excellency Most Rev. Luis Antonio G. Tagle, D.D. (Honorary Chairman and Archbishop of Manila)
Mel Tiangco accepting the Hall of Fame Award for Best News Program (TV) 24 Oras – GMA 7
Charo Santos-Concio accepting the Hall of Fame Award for Best Drama Program (TV) Maalaala Mo Kaya – ABSCBN.

The hosts for the evening: Maey Bautista and Betong Sumaya of Ang Pinaka.

Announcing the winners for print Ken and Ted Failon (2nd batch)

Howie Severino and Mel Tiangco

Howie Severino and Mel Tiangco
Arnold Clavio was one of the presenters for the Radio Awards

Sniff… sniff! 🙂 Thank you Lord, this is for YOUR GLORY!

All smiles for Mellow947!!!

And WHOA! Mellow947’s CMMA rock!


Still overwhelmed and smiling!

Living out one’s faith in the workplace may be a challenging feat for followers of Christ, but keep in mind that His power is made perfect in our weakness (2 Corinthians 12:9). We must humble ourselves before Him each day, asking Him to fill us to the brim that we may overflow and bless others. 

Not a lot of people would understand your dedication to Christ and they may laugh or jeer at you. Do not let these attacks from the enemy derail you from doing what God wants you to do. While pleasing the world may feel good for awhile, remember what is said in Mark 8:36 and Matthew 16:26 “What good will it be for a man if he gains the whole world, yet forfeits his soul?”

Would you rather live your life running after worldly approval? What good is is after you die? Will it matter for eternity?


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