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Color Coordinating Purple

Did you know that purple is one of the rarest colors in nature?
In ancient times, the cost and rarity meant that only the richest and royalty wore it. In medieval times it was also associated with magic and sorcery.

While today it is not an uncommon color, it has retained its association with spirituality, nobility and creativity.

Here are several ways to coordinate purple into your everyday style.
1️⃣ Team it with gold, yellow or red to display your creative side.
2️⃣ Wear purple with neutrals such as camel, navy, or white.
3️⃣ Coordinate it with olive for fashion forward appeal.
4️⃣ Go monochrome with deep shades of purple to create an elegant image and remember to add textural differences for added interest and style.

Is purple one of your favorite colors? Do you know which purples best suit your coloring and can be an asset in your wardrobe?
The only way to find out is through an in-person color analysis. This is a fun discovery process which will:
✅ Help you shop smarter for clothing and make-up colors.
✅ Give you guidance on which hair colors work well with your personal color direction.
✅ Turn your closet into a place of inspiration and versatility.
✅ Make every fashion purchase one that is worthy of you and your spend.
✅ Turn heads for all the right reasons.

Book your Color Analysis session today – Send a DM via Instagram to inquire about current packages.

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