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Featured in Manila Bulletin’s Style Weekend!

I was featured last month in Manila Bulletin’s Style Weekend!  

I was in Singapore when the issue went on print, so I only relied on my friend’s screenshot of the actual feature. 🙂 Woman@Work is a section that features the everyday style and activities of a busy career woman. Since I work in radio, host, train and teach, no two days are the same, allowing me to experiment with the different colors and pieces of clothing in my wardrobe.

As you can see, I’m usually in a dress or skirt because I embrace my femininity like that! Not to say that I don’t have jeans, pants, lapeled blazers and jackets in my wardrobe. I love investing in basic pieces that can be mixed and matched with anything. That’s where creativity comes in–you take pieces you already have and breathe new life in to them by combining them with on-trend items.  I also tend to gravitate towards bright, solid colors; if my personality could speak, these colors would be the language. 

Yeah, a day at the station. I actually match the Mellow colors. 🙂

Finding the right colors for your skin tone can do wonders for your over-all look, aura and confidence. I’ve talked about this on my show and I posit that one can save a lot of money (and shopping time) if she knew the colors that really work for her. I mean, why would you line up and fit something that doesn’t really flatter your skin color or make you glow? I’ve had those episodes in my young life! There are colors that actually make you look tired or harassed. One time, I was so happy with my purchases that I tried them on again as soon as I got home. In my bedroom mirror, I seemed to look fine so when I decided to wear some of the clothes to work, it was surprising to get comments like “Puyat ka ba?” “Nakatulog ka?”

To think I was perfectly fine! Not puyat or tired, and then I get those questions? The color was mustard yellow and I don’t look good in that. Others however are able to wear mustard yellow and still rock it. 

Have you found your color palette? 

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