Beautiful Singapore [Part 1]

I was only able to check out some places in Singapore for a day and a half. I got in Thursday on a different flight while my co-leaders arrived around 7 in the morning. The itinerary was set, a hostel booked, the problem was communicating with each other.

For some silly reason, I didn’t turn my roaming on and didn’t even re-activate my Viber. I’ve shared on the show that Viber creeps me out as it collects data and informs everyone on your contact list that you’ve joined and even tells everyone what unit you have! :-O Lesson learned: I should have turned everything on before I left Manila for the sake of the trip.

Getting off Changi Airport, I got on the train and disembarked at the Lavender stop. I am so impressed with the transportation system in Singapore! I know a lot who have gone there would agree that it makes moving around easy because everything is organized. The discipline at the train stops is also remarkable; as a passenger, you know how much time you have before the next train arrives. You also can’t just barge into the MRT doors like what would usually happen here. MRT suicides are close to impossible because there are automated glass gates that open when the train arrives and closes when passenger loading time is up.ย 

At the Lavender stop, I looked at my map to locate the hotel. I couldn’t find the road anywhere! I asked around but even the tinderas manning their stores did not know where Hamilton Road was! I prayed. I still couldn’t get in touch with anyone. In a little while, a kind, elderly man asked me what I needed help with. He could have concluded I was not from there–I mean hello, a carry-on bag with two rolling luggage. Of course I was a tourist! :-p He was so kind! He offered to take me to the hostel, but I honestly was hesitant at first. In my head I was praying “Should I trust him Lord or no?” I just surrendered to God and trusted that He would not let anything bad happen to me.ย 

The elderly man (whose name I found out to be Allen) walked with me until I reached the hotel. That was about 5-7 blocks. No tricycle, no tribike. Walking lang talaga. I was beyond grateful upon reaching the hostel. “Uncle Allen” didn’t even ask for anything in return. Others were surprised by his kindness because usually, locals won’t go out of their way to help a tourist.ย 

I never saw Uncle Allen again, I believe he was really used by God to bring me to the hostel. Oh how the Lord provides! It was equally delightful to hear how a woman helped two of our other leaders who were also in the same dilemma as I was. They were on a much later flight than mine, got off the Lavender station from Changi Airport and were clueless as to where Hamilton Road was.

When my luggage was settled and I’ve freshened up a bit, I went off with Ate Lee, a co-leader, to Sentosa to find the others who were already at Universal Studios. We hopped on the train, went straight to Sentosa and snapped these pics.
Okay. I did wish that Manila Bay would look like this! In a few years maybe. If we’d submit to discipline and exert effort to really clean up the bay.

Some establishments fronting the boardwalk. How beautiful to have a prenup shoot here!

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