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What’s inside my rehearsal bag aside from my own make-up and brushes? Watch the video to see what I bring with me + I get to open a new package from ZenutrientsXSampleRoom.

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Today’s face!

Excuse the shameless selfie! I just can’t contain how pleased I am with Human Nature’s mineral make-up line and the Happy Skin Zit Zapper Cream. I haven’t fully disclosed my ordeal with cystic acne (which I started having in April of this year) and my search for products that are of excellent quality and gentle on my already sensitive skin. 😦


I began using the Human Nature mineral powder and foundation when it was launched a few years ago. I was even on their demo video, with none other than Creative Director Camille Meloto doing my make-up!

Back then, I could still afford to be adventurous with my skin care products. Try this, try that, no reaction? Cool. This year however, I began to realise that my body and skin have changed (you know naman age, I’m not a teenager anymore). If you remember, I wrote about breaking out really bad after I tried the Pond’s Flawless White BB Cream. Again, if you use the product and it works well for you, that’s good. I had to stop using it because my skin had a bad reaction.

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Hair Story: Going from Red to Ash

My hair has gone through quite an adventure this year. In February I dyed it red because my stylist Apple convinced me I needed a new look for 2015.

My red hair's first outing - The Burt's Bees X Sample Room event
My red hair’s first outing – The Burt’s Bees X Sample Room event
Me after the talk I gave for an org in Ateneo
Me after the talk I gave for an org in Ateneo
Me and my disciple Kayla, showing off our promise rings
Me and my disciple Kayla, showing off our promise rings

The thing with red hair is that you have to be careful because it can leave red marks on your light-colored clothes even when your hair gets slightly wet. Summer was merciless this year in terms of heat. At the end of the day, I discovered red stains on my clothes which I was able to remove as long as I washed them right away but it was such a hassle. I then decided to chop my hair off and get a lob.

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