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Visiting Pergamum – The Compromising Church | 7 Churches of Revelation Tour

The church in Pergamum (modern-day Bergama) was the third to receive a letter in the Book of Revelation. While they were commended for staying true to Jesus, they were rebuked for some of them followed false teachings.

Pergamum/Pergamon was a wealthy city that was known for its healing center–the Asclepion, its library–which boasted of 200,000 volumes written on costly parchment (sheep skin) and its temples dedicated to the Emperor Trajan, Athena and Zeus.


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VLOG: Back to Back Retreats

In this VLOG, I tell you about the back to back retreats I attended with fellow leaders and music ministry volunteers for two straight weekends.
1) Leaders’ Spiritual Retreat at the CCT in Tagaytay
2) GCF Music Ministry Retreat at Mt. Makiling Re-creational Center