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Travel Video: ISRAEL

FINALLY! I finished this travel video! WHOOOO! When I edit videos, my tendency is to really get lost in time because I want to finish a project. It was a challenge to complete this because of my crazy schedule at work, events and ministry.

I spent weeks going through 600-800 video clips, noting which ones are good from those that are just crappy and blurry. So ladies and gents, my dear blog readers, here is ISRAEL IN MOTION (done with lots of love)!!!

#PracticalTravel, Israel, Israel, Travel

Holy Land Photoblog: Megiddo

The first time I heard of Megiddo, the images in my head were of scary arms and artillery, troops and their tanks locked and loaded. Megiddo is said to be the site where the final battle between good and evil will ensue (Revelation 16:12-16), when nations will gather against Israel and the latter will call out to Jesus Christ to rescue them. 

Megiddo - the site of the final battle between good and evil
Megiddo – the site of the final battle between good and evil
View of the Jezreel Valley from the top of Megiddo

How can such a beautiful, peaceful-looking plain be the backdrop of a bloody battle? History and the Bible both reveal that Megiddo has been the site of epic battles. The Megiddo Expedition site says:

Megiddo was the site of epic battles that decided the fate of western Asia. When the Canaanite city-states revolted against 15th century BCE Pharaonic attempts at hegemony, it was at Megiddo that they assembled to do battle. The Egyptian army, led by Pharaoh Thutmose III, surprised the rebels by choosing the most dangerous route of attack – through the narrow ‘Aruna Pass. After routing the Canaanite forces and capturing rich booty, Thutmose III laid siege to the city for seven months. His decisive victory enabled him to incorporate Canaan as a province in the Empire of the New Kingdom. The description of the battle of Megiddo is the earliest account of a major war in antiquity.

Model of Tel-Megiddo


The Late Bronze Period Gate
The Late Bronze Period Gate


It was interesting to see these birds get into their V formation. I tried to capture the V perfectly but this was all I could muster.
The Sacred Area
The Sacred Area
The entrance to the Megiddo Spring
The entrance to the Megiddo Spring
Yes folks, it’s that deep
It’s very cold in here.
Hold on to the railings. The steps can get slippery