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Wedding Things We Spent On | INGRID NIETO Vlogs

After making a list of our essentials and nice-to-haves, it was easier for us to assess which ones we’d allot more money for in our budget. When you’re planning your wedding, it’s important to remember that:

1) advice from experienced wedding professionals is valuable but be discerning as well. There are some that I have worked with who put the welfare of their clients and fellow suppliers above all, and then there are those who have a different agenda.

2) seeking inspiration is good but ultimately, it’s still YOUR WEDDING, so your rules and preferences will take precedence. Don’t allow popular trends and peer/family pressure to dictate how you’re supposed to wed.

Hope this video helps you out. By the way, I didn’t discuss wedding coordination just yet. That’s coming up in another video.

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Wedding Blog: The Beautiful Details of Lendell and Nicole’s Wedding

Lendell and Nicole’s Wedding
Wedding Coordination: Metro Eventscape Planners
Event Styling: Teddy Manuel
Music: Bernie Pasamba Strings
Host: Ingrid Nieto
Wedding Photographer: Benjie Tiongco
Wedding Videographer: Threelogy



Ceremony: St. Augustine Church
Reception: Plaza del Norte Convention Center

Ganda the flowers no? Flower arrangement by THE Teddy Manuel!


I took this before my briefing. The ceremony was ongoing at the St. Augustine Church. Loved the rehearsal of lights! 🙂

The portrait wall


I amused myself while waiting by taking photos


Yes honey, you’re still in the Philippines. 
I snapped this photo just in time! The lights filled the entire place like sunshine!

Wedding giveaway

More of Teddy Manuel’s beautiful styling!

Lendell, Nicole and me!

More photos below:

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Bru and Aina’s Wedding

Hosted the wedding of Bru and Aina last October 21, 2012. What a day that was! I just came from the ER to confirm whether I had dengue or not. I remember praying real hard that I won’t be confined yet because I had a wedding to host!

Thank the good Lord because the doctor let me go. She said my platelets at 150 were still within the normal range, but I had to come back the next day for another CBC. Even though I was feeling weak, I drank my vitamins and the meds prescribed by the doctor. I mustered my strength and drove to Fernwood Gardens with my mom.

Photos courtesy of Bru and Aina, taken by Eugene Martinez

Catering and styling: K. by Cunanan Catering
Flowers by Vatel Manila 
Aina smiles prettily for her groom!
Congratulations Aina and Bru!
The bride and groom being welcomed by everyone for the reception program
First dance – Yellow by Coldplay 🙂
Sigh! How romantic! I love how beautiful the place looks!
Wedding coordination by Events Simplified
Aaaaand they break out to GANGNAM STYLE! I love how they were so into it!
The dance is made more fun with their friends joining in!

Oppa Gangnam Style! 
Cupcakes by Bread Depot

Matt leads the toast.

Cake by Cake Concepts

Gorgeous couple! Those who gave speeches that night all said something common: “We can’t wait for you to have beautiful babies!”

 Here’s the same day edit video by Derek Yee: