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Wedding Blog: The Beautiful Details of Lendell and Nicole’s Wedding

Lendell and Nicole’s Wedding
Wedding Coordination: Metro Eventscape Planners
Event Styling: Teddy Manuel
Music: Bernie Pasamba Strings
Host: Ingrid Nieto
Wedding Photographer: Benjie Tiongco
Wedding Videographer: Threelogy



Ceremony: St. Augustine Church
Reception: Plaza del Norte Convention Center

Ganda the flowers no? Flower arrangement by THE Teddy Manuel!


I took this before my briefing. The ceremony was ongoing at the St. Augustine Church. Loved the rehearsal of lights! 🙂

The portrait wall


I amused myself while waiting by taking photos


Yes honey, you’re still in the Philippines. 
I snapped this photo just in time! The lights filled the entire place like sunshine!

Wedding giveaway

More of Teddy Manuel’s beautiful styling!

Lendell, Nicole and me!

More photos below:

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Chronicling Ilocos Norte: Malacañang of the North

Before I even flew to Ilocos, I was already looking forward to visiting a few key places given the length of time I’d actually be there. As much as it was enticing to sleep in the soft, fluffy bed of my hotel room, I found myself waking up really early. I think it was my brain telling me to go and relish what Ilocos Norte has to offer.

The nearest spot from our hotel was the Malacanang of the North. It was originally built as the official residence of former President Marcos and his family. I don’t think visitors mind paying the P30.00 entrance fee, because once you step into the foyer, you can’t help but gape at the beautifully-designed living area.

From here, you can walk straight towards a serene viewdeck of the Paoay River.

There were so many corners to take photos of but we were pressed for time. The wedding was to take place on the same afternoon.

Too bad, didn’t get to explore this part.
This is what welcomed us when we went up to the second floor.
We went to the first room on our right–The Master’s Bedroom. EEP!

You can view more photos of the mansion in the slideshow below.

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Chronicling Ilocos Norte: The Paoay Sand Dunes

Whenever someone mentions “sands” or “desert” I immediately get a visual of Dubai as portrayed in movies–an expanse of sand with beautiful ripples, shaped by the dry wind.

Photo by Jon Bower

It was only this year that I knew of hectares of sand dunes that existed in the Philippines–Ilocos Norte to be exact. I was extra thrilled upon finding out that the Paoay Sand Dunes was just a 30-minute ride from Plaza del Norte.

For P1500.00, you can hire a 4×4 vehicle (fits 5) that will take you through  the entire stretch of the sand dunes for 30 minutes.

Our jeep in screaming ORANGE!

Although it was dry and hot, clouds covered the skies, softening the sun’s rays. Around 300 kms from the starting point, we were welcomed by the cool sea breeze. That caught me! I took my slippers off and dipped my feet!

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Chronicling Ilocos Norte: Plaza del Norte Hotel andConvention Center

I spent three glorious days in Ilocos Norte and made the most of my visit by taking lots of pictures!

 A shot of the sunset before landing at the Laoag International Airport.

The Laoag International Airport stays true to the Spanish-colonial feel of Ilocos.

We were booked at the government-owned Plaza del Norte Hotel and Convention Center which was just 15 minutes away from the airport. 
The well-lit, spacious lobby

The pool looked very inviting but this shot doesn’t do it much justice! I did take better pictures the next morning. 
After dinner, we checked into our rooms to rest and freshen up. It was a good thing I brought swimwear–we ended up going for an evening dip. Thankfully, the water temperature was just right. 

When I was done swimming, I went around the venue to admire the scenery and take pictures.

Can you guess what was going through my head when I shot this?

The venue for the Chua-Guillen wedding reception. 

More photos below: