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The Art of Laundry + Detergent Powder Review | INGRID NIETO Vlogs

Laundry should be basic. I mean, we wear clothes, sweat in them and change. We have beddings, towels and kitchen linen which need to be washed, cleaned, disinfected so we can use them again.
I give a quick compilation review in the video of some of the powder detergent brands (Ariel, Tide, Breeze, Surf and Pride) in the Philippines

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Married Life: Chores, Routines, Big vs. Small House

Settling into our new routine as husband and wife has been both a joy and a challenge. My former radio partner Chloe was right when she said that it can be daunting to realize that you’re no longer living alone (as a single woman) and you spend each and every waking day with a person you vowed to be with for the rest of your life. Things aren’t always peachy; there are times when I catch myself chomping on the fact that my husband and I cook and wash the dishes differently. We don’t fight about it, we just have to talk about the most efficient manner that would benefit us both. In the video below, I share the routine we’ve established so far, the chores we’ve come to enjoy doing together and my thoughts on having a big vs. small house.

Backstory: When I was younger, I really wanted a big house. Whenever my family would visit relatives or friends in subdivisions, I always enjoyed looking out the window and appreciating the architecture and design of big houses. I even told myself that even if I don’t get married, okay lang ako living in a big house all to myself. But then, things change. As I grew older, my faith and view on finances shifted my desire to live in a big house.

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MR. BIG PILLOW Launch at SM Makati

DSC_8426Mr. Big, Thailand’s best-selling ergonomic pillows and beddings finally makes it to the Philippines! Distributed by New York Home Fashions, Mr. Big pillows and bedroom products are exclusively available at SM Home stores.

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I’m so happy to have attended a milestone of the SM Home department! My friend Tom (SM Home’s AVP for Marketing) brought his team together to mount this year-long campaign to inspire home-loving shoppers with design ideas featuring items that can be bought from the SM Store.

The different vignettes were set up by an eclectic mix of established and up-and-coming stars in the industry including Nina Santamaria of Grupo Santamaria, Angelo Siochi of AG Siochi, Misty Floro and Pai Edles of Morfosis and Iriss Mangio of ILM Interiors. Watch the video below: