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Blazing Teens Yoyo Competition – 4th Elimination Winners!

Here are some photos from the 4th leg of the Blazing Teens 2 Yoyo Competition. πŸ™‚ Today, we did the first run of the intermediate category which meant that the contestants had to perform the following tricks:

The contestants are given three chances to perform the trick:Β 
First attempt is 10 points
Second attempt is 6 points
Third attempt is 2 points


Contestants flock and register!

Β Β 

Contestants perform the 10 Intermediate Tricks

The scores are then tallied and in the event of a tie, the contenders had to do the most number of loops in 1 minute

The winners!
1st Placer – Ronald Vincent Malbog (middle)
2nd Placer – Michael Jing Del Rosario (left)
3rd Placer – John Benedict Valdez (right)

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Blazing Teens Yoyo Competition

For the past month, I’ve been spending my Sunday afternoons hosting the Blazing Teens 2 Yoyo Competition along with Yoyo Master Glenn Angeles. The first competition held at SM San Lazaro had more than 20 contestants, while those at SM North EDSA and SM Fairview were also well-attended. Each contestant should be able to perform the 10 basic yoyo tricks as illustrated below:

Perfecting these yoyo tricks takes a lot of practice. The parents I got to talk to are very supportive of their children’s hobby. Some of them are yoyo enthusiasts themselves who got to work with Sir Glenn from way back.

The contestants practice before the competition begins


According to Sir Glenn, kids who enjoy mastering yoyo tricks get to develop their focus, patience and confidence. Β He started his yoyo career when he was barely 10 years old and got the chance to go around the world because of his excellent yoyo skills and showmanship. He tells the kids that schooling is important because a yoyo master’s career isn’t just about knowing a lot of tricks, but also interacting with people and entertaining them.

Time to show off those tricks, boys!

The audience at the 3rd Basic Competition (SM Fairview)

We gave away prizes to lucky kids!

We picked out three winners from every competition and they took home the following prizes:

2nd place: P500, Auldey Gift Pack and Kellogs Gift Pack
1st place: P1000, Auldey Gift Pack and Kellogs Gift Pack
Champion: P1500, Auldey Gift Pack and Kellogs Gift Pack

We’ll be seeing the basic competition winners at the Grand Finals at the Mall of Asia on December 5, 2010 where the main cast members of Blazing Teens 2 will be present. Blazing Teens the TV show airs every Sunday on GMA7, 8:00am-8:30pm.