I can’t believe two years just flew by so fast. One minute you’re watching TV and seeing all these¬†talented youngsters¬†belt it out on The Voice Kids, the next minute you’re interviewing them and they don’t sound like kids anymore. JK Labajo was on the first season of the Voice Kids under Team Bamboo. Alth0ugh he didn’t win the competition, doors kept opening left and right for the young singer and actor.

JK dropped by The Afternoon Cruise to perform songs from his album under MCA Music. During his stint on The Voice Kids, he usually sang old songs–Frank Sinatra, love ballads and jazz standards. You’d be thinking for someone his age, he’d appreciate more of Justin Timberlake, Greyson Chance or Nathan Sykes but he grew up loving the classics.¬†With the release of his album, JK embraces more of his generation’s music, making fans swoon with his covers an original tracks.
Check out the videos from his Stage 1 performance below:

A Peek Into a Radio DJ’s Life (Part 1)

Ever wondered what it’s like working in¬†radio? A lot of my friends who have visited me at work get a complete turnaround once they see what actually goes on behind the mic. A job in radio may sound easy but it also involves a lot of planning, preparation, conceptualization and research especially if you want to do your job well.

Even if I’ve had over a decade of radio experience, I try to find something new to learn and impart to my listeners each day. In this type of job, it’s easy to settle. I have to admit that there are those BLAH days but I have to constantly remind myself that I serve a big God, that it is He who put me here. I remember years ago when I prayed to get a job in radio–I was overly eager but the time was not yet right. As I look back now, I realize how God was involved in all the smallest details of my career. The opportunities and doors He opened up were all learning points intended to mold me, make me see how doomed I am without Him and experience His grace day by day.


It’s easy to be tempted by the fame and perks that come with the job–you’re on-air, you feel like you have a powerful voice, you get cool stuff, you get access to events and concerts–I am grateful for these but the Lord has constantly been reminding me that these things pass. What is most important to Him is how I have used the opportunities He’s given to share the Gospel and give glory to Him.

Maria Ozawa on Mellow947

Hola folks! Happy New Year! Below are videos of our interview with THE MARIA OZAWA. If you happen to follow my radio show, you might have caught her on-air about two weeks ago.

In the first video she talks about how she got into the AV (Adult Video) industry and her foray into Philippine show business.

Here she talks about handling bashers and social media

And finally, she talks about her ideal man, meeting Angelica Panganiban (her doppelganger) and working on the movie Nilalang.

Callalily on Stage 1

Callalily with me and our marketing supergirl/fellow video producer Deniece.

Callalily with me and our marketing supergirl/fellow video producer Deniece.

Finally! Callalily returned to the Mellow947 studios for a live performance set. They were actually scheduled a month ago–they were out of town that day, were supposed to fly back in the morning but their flight got delayed so they couldn’t make it to the 1pm call time at Mellow.

Kean Cipriano on vocals

Kean Cipriano on vocals

I’ve had the band on the show¬†thrice. I can’t believe it’s been a decade¬†since they formed the group. They’re actually coming out with a 10th year anniversary album as a gift for you¬†fans who have supported them all these years! While you wait, they’ve released an¬†upbeat single titled “Now I’m Dancing” which perfectly encapsulates how happy and thankful they are.

They performed the new single and some Callalily favorites for their Stage 1 set. Video below: