Jamming with my Baes – Episode 2

Couldn’t fit all of the Disney songs we did in one video, so there’s a second episode. It happened on the same day, except that our friend Nico Nunez couldn’t resist joining us.

Jamming with my Baes – Episode 2 (featuring Nico Nunez) from PinkIngrid on Vimeo.


Jamming with my Baes: Episode 1

This fun jamming session was borne out of a random sing-along moment when we were waiting in between services. Since then, MJ, Hannah and Kirsten have been making me kulit on Facebook and whenever we’d see each other “Ate when will we jam?” “Ate Ingrid we should jam soon!”
We were able to sit down one afternoon and had the time of our lives just belting out one Disney song after another.

Jamming with my Baes – Episode 1 from PinkIngrid on Vimeo.