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It was a bit hard to choose and fit tons of footage in under 5 minutes! But all in all, I would like to just thank my dear friends, clients, couples, brands, coordinators and organizers for a fun peak season in the midst of reading assignments and papers for my MA. Praying for more partnerships, projects and events this 2018. The Lord bless and make Himself known to you increasingly!
Love, your quirky vlogger/host, Ingrid.


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Princess Impressions While Driving

If you live in Manila, it goes without saying that the terrible traffic is no stranger to you. On a non-traffic day, it would usually just take me 30 minutes from my place in Makati to Ortigas. On a regular traffic day, that 10-kilometer stretch would take an hour and a half to two hours. Imagine my frustration when it took two hours from Magallanes to the Ayala Tunnel and another two hours from there until Ortigas. It was so strange because it didn’t rain that day, I left at 2pm, there were no road closures or whatever and when I checked Waze, there weren’t any accidents on my route at least.

On regular traffic days, I usually prepare my playlist of songs so I can do my vocalisation and practice in the car. It does work–I mean I get to entertain myself. But during that four hour stretch, naubos playlist ko. Pati Podcasts ko played na lahat, nasa traffic pa din ako. 😦 Anyway, here’s one of them random driving days when I thought of doing Princess impressions. Enjoy!


events, Hosting, Singing, Video Blog, wedding, Wedding Host, wedding suppliers, Weddings, Weddings & Events, weddingsevents

Patrick and Cecille’s Wedding at EDSA Shangri-la Hotel

A second chance in love. I kept wiping my tears as I listened to their God-ordained story. 🙂 At times, it takes a while for the Lord to answer prayers but that doesn’t mean He’s forgotten. A lot of times He needs to stretch our faith and increase our dependence on Him alone.

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This is it ladies and gentlemen! It’s production week for Fire of Hope! We open with our first two shows this weekend (November 26, 8pm and November 27, 4pm) at the Meralco Theatre.

Almost half a year ago, I didn’t even plan to audition but I found myself at the right place and at the right time so I figured, it would be fun to try. It’s been a while since I did theatre. I walked in, filled up a form, waited for my turn to sing and dance and walked home without expecting anything.

I was surprised to get called back weeks later, while I was busy with my radio job and preparing to leave for the Lausanne YLG in Indonesia. I walked into the rehearsal room, sang a song for the director and was asked to read a few lines. The next day, I got a text informing me that I made it and I had to study the role of Hannah. We began rehearsals July of this year. Now that I’m looking back at all of that, I just can’t believe that I have two weeks to be with this cast and crew I’ve grown to love. Hope to see you at the Meralco Theatre! Ticket details are in the video!