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Vegan/Vegetarian-Friendly Place: Happy Garden Cafe

A few VLOGs ago, I told you that I switched to the plant-based diet as recommended by my doctor due to a lump that grew out of nowhere. While I am out of danger (thankfully), it’s been tough adjusting to the lifestyle change. I’ve always loved vegetables; I’ve never had a problem with my greens and fruits. However, I also love my flavored fries (hello Potato Corner), my Chicken Joy from Jollibee and ugh… CHIPS. The cheesy ones in particular. So imagine my dilemma when I was told that I cannot eat any of those. I can’t even have dairy. Good-bye cheese platter.

So for the past three months, I’ve just been having a lot of the greens, mushrooms, root crops and my daily barley supplement. The weight loss has been very obvious to the point that people have expressed concern over it. I’m okay, I’m fine. It’s just that I don’t have meat. And dairy. And processed food. And pancit canton from Lucky Me. 😦 It’s also been tough not having a lot of restaurant or fast food options. The only vegetarian “fast food” I know is Bodhi at Megamall (because they serve halal food) and Go Salads and Pho Bac near GCF. This diet change meant I’d have to always prepare my food, source the ingredients and cook them myself.

One evening after seminary classes, Dave and I went looking for a good place to eat that serves vegan/vegetarian-friendly food. Since we end our class at 9pm, most of the ones we checked out were already closed. Happy Garden Cafe along Jupiter Street was the only one that opened til late so we decided to check it out. Watch the vlog below:

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How exactly do you care for your newly-tattooed brows and lips?

#1 Rule is to not get both areas wet for at least 24 hours.

That means, you cannot swim, wash or heavily sweat right after your procedure. Why? You want to protect your brows and lips from infection. They will give you an antibiotic and other aftercare ointments. For the brows I had to apply the antibiotic ointment for two days. For the lips, I had to put the cream on for 7 days. And no, you cannot use lip color while your lips are healing. Get a better idea of the aftercare in the video. I detail everything here:

Special thanks to Doc Susan & Blair Ong. Visit the BGC branch of Pretty Looks @ the 2nd Floor, Uptown Parade Mall

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In this video I take you through my S3 Eyebrow Stranding & Cherry Blossom Lip Tint procedure at Pretty Looks Uptown Mall. 🙂 Although I already had my eyebrows done last year, the pigment eventually faded (virgin brows, to blame?) so I’m glad I was able to have it done again by Pretty Looks.

Decades ago, getting your eyebrows tattooed was something you wouldn’t openly discuss with anyone. The dead giveaway would be when your brows begin to turn gray, dark green or bluish. Today, people are more open about permanent make-up, especially now that #EyeBrowsOnFleek is a huge trend globally. Still, we have to admit that not everyone has all the time in the morning to draw on the perfect arch. Over the years, there’s been great improvement on both the eyebrow tattoo technique and the pigments used by aestheticians. With the modern formulation, you no longer have to worry about your brows turning into an unsightly, artificial color and the stranding techniques mimic the look of real brow hair.

IMG_1148 2
Really happy with how hair-like it turned out! I may be smiling here but the anesthesia was starting to wear off. So I was feeling the sting.

The whole brow procedure was done in 45 minutes. Blair was so gentle during the entire procedure, it was virtually painless. She would often ask me if I was feeling okay and I appreciate that she truly cares for her clients.

After my brows, Tita Susan began working on my liptint!

Again, I may be smiling here but really couldn’t feel my lips. I was a bit fearful that I would feel the needle but I’m grateful that the procedure went on smoothly. The aftercare is another story.

Watch the VLOG below to get a better idea of both procedures. I’ll post another video about the aftercare and what the brows and lips look like within 5 days.

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8 - Sample Room New Packaging

I have been working with Sample Room for about four years now. I met Sophie Uy (one of the founders) when we were chosen as two of the 10 Women of Confidence here in the Philippines.


We kept in touch after that and discovered we shared the same faith. Sample Room was just starting out back then and I agreed to help them get the word out. You’re probably wondering, “Why did it take so long for Sample Room to be officially launched?”
13217329_1044702678933732_4352591042587876423_oWell number 1, it’s a start-up. The four founders Sophie Uy, Katherine Sy, Diana Ong and Nats Toh know each other from school and all have their own businesses. The whole concept of TRYVERTISING was completely new back then and it took a while for brands to actually warm up to it. With the rise of subscription boxes and the growing popularity of online reviews (which a lot of consumers now turn to before making any product purchase), brands soon realized the value of a community wherein real people can actually try out their products and give them authentic feedback about it. If I were the brand, that would actually serve me well–I get to create buzz about my product, I get real reviews and I’ll know if there are things I still need to improve.

Sample Room is also greatly beneficial to consumers who are always on the lookout for new products. The thing is, we have to be well-aware of the fact that not all products work well with our skin type and body chemistry. Imagine purchasing an entire bottle of moisturizer that costs a fortune only to find out three days after trying it, that it’ll cause your skin to break out? Would you still insist on using the product just because you spent a fortune on it? I don’t think so. That’s where Sample Room comes in.

7 - Photo by Nina Nuguid@nuguidnina

You can sign up with an email address for free and get 100 points upon successful registration. These points are what you use to avail of free samples on the website. Each product has a corresponding number of points. After you pick your products, pay for the delivery fee and once they arrive, you can peacefully try them out right in the comfort of your own home. Within a week of trying it out, you can write about your experience on the Sample Room website and replenish the points you spent.

Give a visit and sign up now! Check out the VLOG I managed to film in between my hosting duties for them.

Congratulations to Team Sample Room! Thanks for inviting me to be a part of this wonderful milestone. Special thanks as well to all the brand partners who were at the event:

Baby Foot
Beauty and Butter
Belo Nutraceuticals
Bondi Lifestyle
C-Lium Fibre
Cure Philippines
Fuji Film Philippines
Soffia Beauty

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I’ve heard of Balay Indang from my church friends. It’s a popular destination for retreats, camps and even weddings. In photos, I initially thought it was a small, quaint place only to be surprised by the lush floral gardens and spacious lawns. If you want time away from the city and feel the need to reconnect with God in a peaceful place with no technological distractions, Balay Indang is worth the visit.

Check out my tour of the venue below.

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Challenge Accepted! I’m taking on the Olay #5NightsChallenge!

I received another box from Sample Room today! I’m being challenged to redefine my beauty sleep with the newest Olay night ritual which they say, promises a more youthful and stunning skin after just 5 nights of use. IMMA TEST THIS IF IT’S TRUE! 🙂 So follow my journey and stay updated! Check out my video below with bonus skin care tips!

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Looking at my calendar for the month of May has made me realize that I am in dire need of more nature time. Growing up in Rizal, I loved waking up to the sound of birds chirping, the cool air and the sight of lots and lots of trees which unfortunately, I no longer get enough of since we moved to the concrete Kingdom of Makati. There’s something about communing with nature that calms and heals the frazzled soul. I remember in college, I’d always look forward to days when my classes would end right before lunch because that meant I’d have time for a nature walk. Leading naturalist Richard Louv, author of The Nature Principle says “We can be happier, healthier, and smarter if we weave more nature into our lives,”


I was so delighted to receive an invitation from the sales team of Sandari Batulao to check out the sprawling residential mountainside community which is quickly becoming a popular destination for camping, outdoor activities and weddings. Conveniently situated at the foot of Mt. Batulao and Mt. Talamitam, the temperature and wind feels noticeably different despite the hot summer weather.

Check out my VLOG below and fall in love with the place!

Club Ananda has an Event Hall where special events and weddings can be held while the beautiful river pool area can also be the perfect backdrop for outdoor weddings.P1210479P1210462P1210436-001P1210522

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Beauty and the Beast The Musical in Manila

beauty and the beast

Some friends and I were able to catch Beauty and the Beast the Musical at the CCP Main Theatre just this week and we were doing our best not to sing out loud during the musical numbers. It’s not that we’d be ejected from the theatre, it was more of avoiding dagger looks from those who wanted to really watch and concentrate. :-p

Beauty and the Beast the Musical was first seen on Broadway 1994. Susan Egan (also the voice of Meg in Hercules and Cinderella in some Disney Princess recordings) originated the role of Belle, while Terrence Mann played the Beast. It’s impressive how they mounted it onstage in less than 3 years since the movie was released (this makes me all the more excited for Frozen on Broadway). For the touring cast, Hilary Maiberger takes on the role of Belle, Darick Pead as the gruff, temperamental (but soft-hearted) Beast, Adam Dietlein as the self-absorbed Gaston, Paul Crane as Maurice, James May as Cogsworth, Emily Matthenson as Mrs. Potts, Hassa Nazari Robati as Lumiere and Andrea Leach in the expanded role of Babette, the feather duster.

If you’re seeing this for the first time and haven’t listened to the original cast recording, you’d be delighted to hear some songs that aren’t part of the original movie soundtrack. Songs like “Home” (which Belle sings as she is detained by the Beast in his castle, waxing sentimental on the true meaning of ‘home’), “Me” (another obnoxious self-centred song by the musical’s vain antagonist Gaston) and “If I Can’t Love Her” which is sung by the Beast after he realises how he let his anger get out of control again, prompting Belle to leave the castle.

Beauty and the Beast in Manila is made possible by Broadway Entertainment Group, Disney Theatrical Productions, NETworks, MKFAE and Ovation Productions. The shows began on January 9 and were supposed to run until the 25th but due to the Papal Visit, some shows were moved or cancelled. They’ve extended their run until February 1, 2015 so go and grab your tickets at and

Ticket prices: P7,895; P6,845; P5,790;P4,740; P4,210; P3,160; and P2,105

Thank you so much Ovation Productions for a fun evening!

with Tito Renen de Guia, CEO of Ovation Productions.
with Tito Renen de Guia, CEO of Ovation Productions.
with Ms. Grace Foronda and my dolls!
with Ms. Grace Foronda and my dolls!
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(If you like spoilers and aren’t the type of person who pulls his/her hair when you see details online, then be my guest and read up!)
by Ingrid Nieto
I don’t usually write movie reviews. Often, I enjoy a post-viewing discussion with friends, sharing what we liked or didn’t like about the movie and what we learned from the story. I decided to watch Exodus: Gods and Kings on a whim today, with no companion because I’m a happy single and I told God that it would be our movie date. As the trailers were shown, I prayed that I’d be able to enjoy the movie but be mindful of things that are not in line with God’s Word.
*INTERRUPTION* Suddenly, that Derek Ramsey action-packed anti-piracy PSA played. It was my first time to see it. Wow. I was on the edge of my seat. A bag falls and a tomato is squished with matching flashback and confrontation. Oh my! It was so moving, I wanted to do my own action-packed video right then and there.

So the movie started. We see Moses and Ramses on-screen and it is established that they have grown up together. The ruling Pharaoh is Seti and the two are being sent off to a battle with the Hittites.



Our Weekend Staycation at the Y2 Residence Hotel

Surprise surprise! My partner Chloe and I were both free one weekend so we had a little staycation at the Y2 Residence Hotel in Makati. 

The spacious lobby’s elegant decorations in black and white. 
The hallway

We were booked in one of the two-bedroom units on the 15th floor. I love how the place was so spacious and “breathable.” This would be a good venue for wedding preps, a barkada or family sleep-over.

You can whip up your own dishes in this fully-equipped kitchen instead of ordering or taking out. There’s an SM Supermarket right across the hotel where you can buy your ingredients and start getting adventurous in the kitchen.

Ah, a clutter-free room with a view. You can just lay in bed with the sounds off, just staring at the ceiling feeling completely content.
We went up to The Amare Spa at the penthouse. 

We were treated to the Amare Signature Massage. 75 minutes of smooth muscle kneading. 🙂

After the spa treatment, we grabbed something to eat at A.Venue and went back to the suite. 
Raisa of The Morning After and my partner Chloe.
Happy ladies after the massage
We had buffet breakfast at the Pink Panda Restaurant the next day

Here’s the good news: We’re giving you a chance to win an overnight stay for a family of four in celebration of Moms for the whole month of May. The details will be announced via the Mellow947 and Office Radio FB pages, so make sure you follow and join!