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Before and AHAfter: Get the NEW Olay Luminous Niacinamide + AHA exclusively at Shopee

MANILA, PHILIPPINES – Having blemish marks is a common struggle for a lot of
people. We all wish that we were blessed with perfect, flawless skin, —reality
check—everyone is different and more often than not, blemish marks stay longer than
we would want them to. While color-correcting makeup and social media filters do the
trick, don’t you wish baring your skin is as easy as it sounds? Thankfully, beauty
powerhouse Olay has got you covered with the NEW cult fave–Olay Luminous
Niacinamide + AHA Serum and Moisturizer! This new lineup is designed with Olay’s

novel technology of Niacinamide and AHA proven to be effective with 96% noticing
reduction in acne marks or sunspots*.
Not sure what’s causing your blemish marks? It can be caused by a variety of things
such as exposure to UV rays, acne, and even hormonal changes. Some of the more
common blemish marks are:
 Melasma is brown patching on the skin that usually shows up on both sides of
your face in a symmetrical way.
 Freckles are small, flat spots on your face. They are usually harmless and having
them can be genetic.
 Sunspots are defined brown to black spots on the skin caused by, you guessed it
– the sun!
 Hyperpigmentation on your face usually develop after acne has dried out.
So what’s the secret to the ingredients?
While it can get frustrating to remove blemish marks, Olay has proven that you can now
lighten them effectively in as early as 28 days. The secret of Olay? Science, of course!
AHA or Alpha Hydroxy Acids are water-soluble types of acids used for their exfoliating
and moisturizing properties. Olay Luminous Niacinamide + AHA works wonders in
significantly reducing the appearance of blemish marks when used twice a day after
cleansing, helping you achieve clearer and smoother skin after just 8 weeks of
consistent use, allowing you to be confident to step into the spotlight. While a few drops of Niacinamide after cleansing takes care of making your pores look smaller and evens out discolorations, following up with AHA at night every other day refreshes and helps in hydrating your skin.

Ready to get rid of those stubborn marks? Here are a few more tips you can do:

  1. Add Niacinamide to your skincare routine.
    Niacinamide is a form of Vitamin B3. It is also one of the thirteen essential vitamins that
    the body needs to function but cannot produce on its own.
    The benefits that Niacinamide can give your body ranges from reducing fine lines and
    wrinkles, strengthening the skin barrier, reduces facial pore appearance.
  2. Do not hate, exfoliate (correctly)!
    Exfoliation is not just scrubbing your face. Chemical exfoliators can be an be an
    effective way to remove dead skin cells to be able to replace them with newer, brighter
    ones. One ingredient that is perfect for exfoliation that does not dry the skin out is Lactic
    Lactic acid is a type of AHA that weakens the bond between dead skin cells, allowing
    them to peel off more readily and stimulating exfoliation in the upper levels of the skin.
  3. Antioxidants are a must.
    Antioxidants can protect skin against free radicals triggered by stressors such as UV or
    inflammation and thereby preventing the future formation of dark spots.
    See it to believe it! Add to cart and shop the Olay Luminous Niacinamide + AHA Serum
    and Moisturizer on Shopee’s Brand Day Sale!
    *after a trial of 100 women
Press Release

New Cult Fave Alert: Olay’s NEW AHA Line Launches in Shopee

Anyone who has struggled with blemish marks can understand how frustrating it is to
resort to hiding. Hiding them with your concealer, face masks or even using different
apps to erase the blemishes can only do so much. What’s worse is that some marks
take weeks—and even forever to fade. Well, if you can relate, Olay’s got you covered.
The beauty powerhouse recently launched its NEW Olay Luminous + AHA collection
exclusively in Shopee that combines the power of their signature ingredient
niacinamide, plus AHA, the new cult fave ingredient known for helping fade stubborn
blemish marks.

What Are Blemish Marks, And Where Do They Come From?
We’ve all had our fair share of blemish marks. Depending on the type, blemish marks
can appear light brown to gray patches, at times, some can look well-defined brown to
black spots.

Blemish marks are triggered by melanin imbalance, caused by varied external and
internal stressors such UV exposure, inflammation, and even hormonal changes. These
stressors trigger signals in skin that eventually cause melanin to be produced in a
concentrated fashion, leading to the appearance of a blemish.
There’s hope, though! With the right product formulation, melanin production can be
regulated and blemish marks can eventually be cleared.

AHA Craze

Filipinas have now discovered the power of serums and have relied on their specific ingredients to help their skin adapt to various conditions. Serums, compared to moisturizers, are lighter and have potent formulations that target skin concerns without drying the skin.

One of the most well-known and tried and tested skincare ingredients is Niacinamide. Niacinamide or Vitamin B3 is proven to helps visibly improve skin texture, hyperpigmentation, uneven skin tone and bringing about firmer, brighter looking skin. It is also Olay’s main active ingredient that is responsible the millions of glow-ups it has given to people around the world.

This 2022, another skincare breakthrough steps into the spotlight, targeting a skin concern that most Filipinas are itching to take care of.

NEW Olay Luminous Niacinamide + AHA Serum and Moisturizer!

Adding to its line of Niacinamide products, Olay launches its scientifically advanced formula of Niacinamide + AHA. The NEW Olay Luminous Niacinamide + AHA Serum and Moisturizer penetrate the skin with top ingredients to reduce stubborn blemish marks for clearer and smoother skin.

Skincare junkies can get first dibs on this new line starting January 17 on Shopee and see how reduced stubborn blemish marks in two weeks of use.

The AHA Solution

AHA or Alpha Hydroxy Acids are water soluble types of acids used for their exfoliating and moisturizing properties. AHA has been a common ingredient in most skincare products and is a staple in Korean skincare.   Olay’s scientifically-backed technology uses seven types of AHA, with the most promising being the lactic acids used in Olay Luminous Niacinamide+ AHA Super Serum and Cream. P&G scientists have formulated an optimal blend of AHA & Niacinamide complex which works across skin layers, compared with other AHA products that works only on the surface of the skin.

Lactic Acid nurtures skin cell renewal, moisturizes the skin, and increases dermal and epidermal thickness, which make skin look brighter, smoother, and more even. It is also of the more gently AHA in skincare.

This new year, welcome clearer smoother skin without hiding or covering. Be the first ones to try Olay Luminous Niacinamide + AHA. Get them as low as Php 1,047 (30% off) in Shopee Brands Spotlight festival on January 17.

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Must-have Olay Serums to Include in Your Skin Care Regimen

The skin thrives in steady situations — no sudden weather changes, regular sleeping patterns, and a  balanced lifestyle. In today’s time, however, change happens more constantly than we’d like.  When it comes to skin care, some Filipinas have relied on the power of serums to help their skin adapt to various weather conditions, routine changes, and maintain great skin all throughout different situations. If you haven’t tried face serums, you might be missing out. Here’s why you should include serums in your skin care regimen.

The Truth About Serums

In a skin care routine, serums are usually applied after the toner. Serums stand out from the rest of the usual skin care regimen because they are light, fast-absorbing, and delivers a high concentration of active ingredients. Serums target specific skin concerns that may not be easily resolved with your usual skin care routine because your skin has different needs in different environments.

But one thing is consistent in all Olay serums — the science of Niacinamide infused with other active ingredients that help your skin look consistently glowing. Niacinamide or Vitamin B3 helps reduce skin inflammation, redness, and strengthens the skin barrier, so your skin remains well hydrated. It also chemically exfoliates the skin for a brighter and less dull appearance.

While different types of serums work on various skin types and address specific skin concerns brought about by varying lifestyle factors, with Olay’s unique technology, the serums can penetrate the skin with 40% better hydration. Depending on your skin needs, you may even use two or more serums in your regimen. Give your skin the gift of glow this holiday season with these Olay serums you surely can’t skip out on.

Olay White Radiance Light Perfecting Essence

If an uneven skin tone and dark spots have been keeping you from glowing skin, the Olay White Radiance Essence can help bring your glow out. Its formula contains Pearl Optics Technology that helps radiate the skin from within by improving translucency and light reflectiveness.  This serum has won beauty awards because of its anti-aging breakthrough that keeps skin protected for the years to come by.

Olay Retinol24 Night Serum

To those who have lost track of the day and time by staying up all night, the Olay Retinol24 Night Serum will take care of your skin while you sleep. This serum provides overnight regeneration with its powerful formulation of Retinol that has been proven to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, fades dark spots, and tightens pores. It delivers anti-aging ingredients deep into your skin’s surface for plumper, firmer skin — so you wake up as if the morning after is not a disaster.

Olay Regenerist Collagen Peptide24 Serum

While most beauty products claim to be packed with high concentration of collagen, only a few can penetrate the skin well, leaving collagen just at the surface of your face. Olay’s formula of Niacinamide and Collagen Peptide24 in each bottle of the Olay Regenerist Collagen Peptime24 Serum stimulates collagen production like how collagen would occur naturally. This helps make skin look firmer and maintain moisture. And with 2 weeks of use, the skin is visibly tightened, more supple, and firmer than ever.

Olay Super Serums

Unlike regular creams & serums, Olay Super Serum line has Niacinamide, which can address three different skin concerns. When Niacinamide is mixed with other ingredients like Vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, and Cica it can penetrate 10 layers deep into the skin for hydration, even skin tone, and fade away dark spots and discoloration. 

Dealing with uneven skin tone and dark spots? The Olay White Radiance Niacinamide + Vitamin C Super Serum evens out the skin tone, reduces dark spots, and leaves skin glowing as ever. 

If your skin feels dry or dehydrated from the ever-changing circumstances, the Olay White Radiance Niacinamide + Hyaluronic Super Serum is just for you. Hyaluronic is a powerful humectant, which attracts and binds water, keeping the skin fully hydrated while looking dewy and bouncy.

For skin that’s looking tired and dull, the Olay White Radiance Niacinamide + Cica Super Serum provides a healthy glow. The combination of Niacinamide and Cica soothes skin damage and leaves it with a much smoother surface. Cica is a natural extract known for its anti-inflammatory and anti-yellowness effect to keep your skin looking radiant.

Your skin needs that extra TLC so you can glow through no matter what sudden changes life throws at you. Whether you’re recovering from a late-night, getting ready for another zoom call, or finally meeting up face-to-face, you can come prepared with healthy, glowing skin. With all the things you must skip, your glowing skin should not be one of them with Olay serums that target your skin woes from deep within. 

Don’t skip on a well-deserved holiday glow! Collect the Olay serums that your skin needs and maintain glowing skin from deep within by heading over to all leading drugstores and beauty stores nationwide. You can also check out Olay serums through Lazada or Shopee.