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Your Procrastination Affects Others Too


Your procrastination does not only affect you, it affects others too.

If you can take the fact that it takes a blow on your performance, you also should be mindful that when you don’t do your job, you delay the timeline and other processes can’t commence because there’s a bottleneck in your department.

Fix your schedule. We all have 24 hours in a day. The difference is how we prioritize and use our time.

Don’t make flimsy excuses. If you are committed to seeing your work through, you will find solutions. Hindi yung roadblock 1 “Ok, I give up! Boss ayaw mag-send ng email ko. So therefore, hindi ko magagawa ang trabaho ko today.” Seriously? Kayang kaya mag-update ng Facebook, kayang-kaya mag-level up sa Mobile Legends pero di magawan ng paraan ang email.

“Umulan kasi kaya hindi ko na-send yung email.”

“Hindi ako makapag-email kasi wala ako sa office.”

“Nakalimutan ko.”

“Kasalanan kasi ng team mate ko to eh.”

Resorting to flimsy excuses only emphasizes that you did not exhaust all means to get the task done. In other words, you are not resourceful.

Be accountable. So you made a mistake? Be humble enough to apologize to the people and teams involved. Be accountable if nagkamali ka talaga or may delay dahil hindi mo nagawa ang trabaho mo, swallow your pride and say sorry. Sweeping it under the rug or being all defensive will only add to people’s dislike and disappointment of you. If they know you recognize & admit your mistake, then things can move forward a little better. Just make sure that you will do your job better & won’t repeat the cycle of procrastination all over again.

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