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MR. BIG PILLOW Launch at SM Makati

DSC_8426Mr. Big, Thailand’s best-selling ergonomic pillows and beddings finally makes it to the Philippines! Distributed by New York Home Fashions, Mr. Big pillows and bedroom products are exclusively available at SM Home stores.


My friend Tom Castaรฑeda hosted the launch.

IMG_2045-001Mr. Big founder Mr. Chawakit Kaoien is a licensed physical therapist who worked extensively with patients who were in critical condition for 11 years. โ€œTo improve the condition of my patients, as well as their quality of life, I would arrange their sleeping positions for various purposes such as to reduce pressure, and soreness, to ease pain, to promote blood circulation, to allow heart-failure patients to sleep better, to prevent contracture and many more.โ€

Apart from his hospital patients, Chawakit also helped his wife deal with her neck and back pain by adjusting her sleeping position using several pillows. He would stitch the pillows together so they don’t get displaced and continue to provide support where the body needed it. That home-made DIY pillow then became the humble beginnings of what we know now as Mr. Big Pillow.

Below is the VLOG with interviews and me trying out the pillows and beds.

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