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Ever had those times when you just want to eat all the food in the world without having to worry about gaining weight and growing those love handles? Even if I’m huge on vegetable smoothies and salads,Β  I have to admit that I get tempted when I’m faced with sweet desserts, pasta, crispy pata, bagnet and tender ribs. I have to battle with that inner voice that says “Come on. Just once.” But I know full well that that “Just once.” can lead to me using that as an excuse every single time I’m at a buffet spread. It takes discipline, doesn’t it?

I was invited to cover the launch of MySlim’s latest endorser, Erich Gonzales at the Seda Vertis North. MySlim contains safe and effective natural ingredients that helps burn fat without compromising health and fitness. Vida Nutriscience, the company behind MySlim, encourages Filipinas to adapt a healthy and balanced lifestyle which includes regular exercise, rest and eating nutritious food. I’m glad that more and more girls are learning to prioritize health over drastic weight loss and embracing the bodies they have, no longer feeling the pressure to look “magazine covergirl-level thin.”

MySlim has as Yerba Mate drink with a recommended intake of up to 4 bottles per week. There are also capsules which you have to take twice a day after meals to aid in curbing your appetite and burning fat. I haven’t taken the capsules long enough to say how effective they are, so I promise to update you when I note the results. The Yerba Mate drink though… I had to share on my IG stories.

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Find out more about MySlim and what went down during the launch in my VLOG below:

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