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When I was first invited to speak at La Salle Greenhills (I was actually covering for my beautiful pregnant friend, Ginny at that time), I almost balked. The thought of being in an auditorium full of boys scared me. “Would they listen?” “Will they find my insights, lessons and advice helpful?” Although I have handled students of different levels both as a teacher and speaker, I’ve always had a mix of boys and girls. Still, the teachers and parents assured me that it would be alright, the boys would behave, and that they were excited to listen to a female guest.

It’s been a little over a year since then and I’m happy that they still invite me from time to time to give talks! One thing I discovered–the younger generation needs to realize the importance of grooming and the practice of good manners. It communicates a lot of things about the person’s upbringing, habits and even the educational background. Below is a quick vlog of my recent talk. If you’re from LSGH, do give it a thumbs up! Hope to see you boys again!

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