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Tippy and I have known each other since 2009 when we were both students for a musical theatre class. The bubbly, talented teenager was easy to warm up to because she always had this welcoming smile. Even if she’s been performing for so long, she never made the other students feel like she was above everyone else the class. She was friendly, bungisngis and very sweet. 😀

Backstage before the Legally Blonde showcase

After we graduated from the class, the only time we’d see each other was during events and sometimes at Trumpets. She went on to pursue her showbiz career, at the same time finishing her college degree in Family Life and Child Development at the University of the Philippines.

When she performed live on my show, she had to review for some exams and do more school-related reading. Still, she did not compromise her performance and gave her best.


Below are some of the songs she performed live on the show. Enjoy!


P.S. She graduated from UP just this weekend! Congratulations Tippy! This is indeed a wonderful gift for your parents. I’m sure Tita Happy cried buckets and buckets of tears again.


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