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Have you ever come across people who force you to look at their posts and LIKE THEM? It’s completely understandable of course, if the post:

1) is meant to raise awareness about something

2) is for a charity drive or for a good cause

3) is for a competition based on the most number of LIKES/SHARES

A lot of companies, brands and even pageants have utilised social media to help determine a brand or individual’s influence or reach. Having joined ITALENTSTAR years ago and recently, Juanderlust,  I’ve politely asked my friends to support my journey while keeping in mind that I should respect their ownership of their social media accounts.

These days, entrepreneurs have tapped into social networks to promote their businesses and take care of their customers. If you run an online business however, I think it’s proper that you ask permission before posting promos on your contacts’ timelines.

Now that we’ve straightened that out, let’s talk about those who force you to look at and like their posts which don’t really fall into any of the categories mentioned above. Often, these posts would be selfies or photos that paint a different picture from reality. I’ve come across people who unfortunately have let their online personas consume them so much, that they cannot go a day without people paying attention to their photos.

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