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REVIEW: Malissa Kiss White Me Up & Luxury Abalone Cream

I did a review of the Malissa Kiss White Me Up Sleeping Pack and the Luxury Abalone Cream. Basically, both are moisturizers but you use them a bit differently. The Sleeping Pack should be applied only 2-3 times a week while the Luxury Abalone Cream can be applied everyday.

The White Me Up Sleeping Pack is thin and water based. It’s an opaque white color that immediately disappeared on my skin.

The Luxury Abalone Cream has a very light, gel composition. I think these kinds of moisturizers are perfect for summer because they hydrate your skin without making it feel slick and heavy.

WHITE ME UP SLEEPING PACK – Upon waking up, my skin looked like it’s regular self, nothing special, no healthy glow. As far as the whitening is concerned, I haven’t tested it long enough to know whether it does whiten one’s skintone.

The LUXURY ABALONE CREAM made my skin feel so soft and it had a natural, healthy glow in the morning.


Malissa Kiss products are not yet sold in the Philippines but in case you have inquiries, kindly look for Malissa Kiss Philippines on Facebook.

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