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Today’s face!

Excuse the shameless selfie! I just can’t contain how pleased I am with Human Nature’s mineral make-up line and the Happy Skin Zit Zapper Cream. I haven’t fully disclosed my ordeal with cystic acne (which I started having in April of this year) and my search for products that are of excellent quality and gentle on my already sensitive skin. 😦


I began using the Human Nature mineral powder and foundation when it was launched a few years ago. I was even on their demo video, with none other than Creative Director Camille Meloto doing my make-up!

Back then, I could still afford to be adventurous with my skin care products. Try this, try that, no reaction? Cool. This year however, I began to realise that my body and skin have changed (you know naman age, I’m not a teenager anymore). If you remember, I wrote about breaking out really bad after I tried the Pond’s Flawless White BB Cream. Again, if you use the product and it works well for you, that’s good. I had to stop using it because my skin had a bad reaction.

I switched back to my Colour Collection BB Cream and mineral powder foundation but the zits won’t go away. Thankfully my dermatologist Dra. Joan Clarence patiently took care of the stubborn breakout but new ones would still pop out. That’s when she prescribed a medicated skin care regimen, a pill to control my excessive oil production and a hypoallergenic diet (I had to stay away from chocolate, much to my dismay). She also told me to switch to natural, organic make-up and I immediately thought of Human Nature.


Human Nature’s mineral pressed powder has natural rice powders that help keep shine (aka excess oil) away and has a light, barely-there finish that works so well with the Happy Skin Zit Zapper Second Skin cream.


How did I know that this product was a match for my skin? Simple–SAMPLING! One Sunday morning after church, I went to the beauty counter, tried the tester, left it on for the whole day, checked my face for any violent reaction BUT I DIDN’T GET ANY! When I looked in the mirror, my skin was at peace. I jumped with glee on the inside but thought I should give it another test. So I did the same thing–tried it on a patch of facial skin, left it on for hours, checked again for any allergic skin reaction. The results were the same. If my skin could speak, I bet it would have been screaming at me “Get the Zit Zapper cream! I am in love with it!”

So here’s what I’ve been using for the past few weeks:

Happy Skin Zit Zapper Second Skin Cream (with Yoghurt and Grapefruit Extract), Human Nature Mineral Pressed Powder in Island Shell, Human Nature Perfect Finish Mineral Loose Powder in Warm Mocha. Not in photo: Human Nature Perfect Coverage Mineral Foundation (Honey).

Let me make it clear though that I don’t use all the powders at the same time! Haha I would look like a geisha if I layered all the powders on my face. After my morning cleansing regimen, I apply the Zit Zapper cream, let it set and then apply the Human Nature mineral powder. On relaxed days when I’m just doing radio work, I use the HN Mineral Pressed Powder. When I need a bit more coverage and have a long workday ahead, I use the HN Mineral Foundation or the HN Loose Powder.

On my face today: Happy Skin’s Zit Zapper Cream + Human Nature Mineral Pressed Powder, Colour Collection blusher and Burt’s Bees Lip Shimmer in Rhubarb.

Interesting to note–I haven’t retouched the powder since this morning! Well, the weather is much cooler today (thanks to the rain) but still, I’m impressed! I also didn’t blow-dry my hair today. I just used Kerasilk’s Keratin Shampoo and Conditioner (from Cynos Inside Hair Care), air-dried my hair, put it up in a bun, released it after a few hours and didn’t apply any mousse or hairspray. 😀

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