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Brad Go on Stage 1

Brad Go, the guy behind “The Hush Project” was in town to do some shows and promote his album. The Hush Project was inspired by Brad’s own love story: He was on his way home from work one day, when rain poured. He looked over his shoulder and saw a girl who was so drenched. He offered her an umbrella, they spoke and he asked her out.

You can watch the story here:

Following that encounter, Brad wrote songs about the story and posted them on a blog called “Have U Seen Her”. Since then, Brad has embarked on a mission to search for love stories around the world and write songs about them. He was able to complete his mission in 2013, made possible by various donors who gave support through his Kickstarter campaign. He filmed and gathered stories in Barcelona, Tokyo, Melbourne, Palermo, Singapore, Berlin, Paris and Manila and came back with songs that now comprise his album.



Below are videos from his performance on Stage 1. Enjoy and SUBSCRIBE if you want to see more live performance videos  from The Afternoon Cruise.

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