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Shopping with the dolls at SM Shoe City


It’s been a while since I got new shoes for myself. If you listen to my show, you may have caught me sharing many times that I take extreme care of my shoes, bags and clothes. I do what I can to extend their lifespan although I know that it also depends on my usage and the quality of the material.

With my hair and make-up artist Apple. :-)
With my hair and make-up artist Apple. 🙂

Would you believe that I’ve had that white dress since I was 16? 🙂 When I buy shoes, I make sure that I can use them many times and that I can wear them with a lot of my clothes. My rule is to get the basics–shoes for casual days (meaning jeans, shirts and shorts), dressy shoes for special events, formal shoes for teaching and speaking engagements and some stylish, fashion-forward pieces for those days when I wish to make a statement through my clothing. I remember attending the launch of SM Shoe City a little over a year ago. I’m grateful to have witnessed the wonderful milestones of SM Shoes and Bags–they always have something to offer everybody. For the bold, fashion-forward crowd, they partnered with Rajo Laurel twice [I am so looking forward to another collection :-)] and I am a proud owner of four Rajo Laurel for Parisian pieces. They also launched their men’s line: Salvatore Mann and Milanos and they’ve continuously surprised the ladies with fresh, wearable designs for Parisian. Desktop1 Desktop2 SM Shoe City is every shoe-lover’s paradise. You’ll find everything you need–from flats, to office shoes, strappy heels for a wedding and foot wear for those who are into sports.

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It was the perfect opportunity for the dolls to tag along. Since Cinderella is the shoe expert, she helped barefoot Rapunzel and Pocahontas pick the perfect pair of shoes. Feel free to go through the gallery below. Will upload the VLOG in a few.

Thank you SM Shoes and Bags for a fun afternoon! Von Castano and Kelly Medina, thanks for your help and for showing us around! The dolls love you both already!

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