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Beauty and the Beast The Musical in Manila

beauty and the beast

Some friends and I were able to catch Beauty and the Beast the Musical at the CCP Main Theatre just this week and we were doing our best not to sing out loud during the musical numbers. It’s not that we’d be ejected from the theatre, it was more of avoiding dagger looks from those who wanted to really watch and concentrate. :-p

Beauty and the Beast the Musical was first seen on Broadway 1994. Susan Egan (also the voice of Meg in Hercules and Cinderella in some Disney Princess recordings) originated the role of Belle, while Terrence Mann played the Beast. It’s impressive how they mounted it onstage in less than 3 years since the movie was released (this makes me all the more excited for Frozen on Broadway). For the touring cast, Hilary Maiberger takes on the role of Belle, Darick Pead as the gruff, temperamental (but soft-hearted) Beast, Adam Dietlein as the self-absorbed Gaston, Paul Crane as Maurice, James May as Cogsworth, Emily Matthenson as Mrs. Potts, Hassa Nazari Robati as Lumiere and Andrea Leach in the expanded role of Babette, the feather duster.

If you’re seeing this for the first time and haven’t listened to the original cast recording, you’d be delighted to hear some songs that aren’t part of the original movie soundtrack. Songs like “Home” (which Belle sings as she is detained by the Beast in his castle, waxing sentimental on the true meaning of ‘home’), “Me” (another obnoxious self-centred song by the musical’s vain antagonist Gaston) and “If I Can’t Love Her” which is sung by the Beast after he realises how he let his anger get out of control again, prompting Belle to leave the castle.

Beauty and the Beast in Manila is made possible by Broadway Entertainment Group, Disney Theatrical Productions, NETworks, MKFAE and Ovation Productions. The shows began on January 9 and were supposed to run until the 25th but due to the Papal Visit, some shows were moved or cancelled. They’ve extended their run until February 1, 2015 so go and grab your tickets at and

Ticket prices: P7,895; P6,845; P5,790;P4,740; P4,210; P3,160; and P2,105

Thank you so much Ovation Productions for a fun evening!

with Tito Renen de Guia, CEO of Ovation Productions.
with Tito Renen de Guia, CEO of Ovation Productions.
with Ms. Grace Foronda and my dolls!
with Ms. Grace Foronda and my dolls!

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