Doll Mama

A DOLL STORY: When Elsa and Anna went to church with #DollMama


If you’ve been following this site, you would know how much I am in love with my dolls. 🙂 I brought Elsa and Anna to church last Sunday so they could attend the service and meet the pastors, their ninongs/ninangs and make new friends!

We’re just at the entrance. See how excited they are?

“An elevator? There’s nothing like it in Arendelle!”
Elsa and Anna finally meet their Ninang Badet 🙂
with Bianca!
The Power Puff Girls: MJ, Kirsten and Hannah were extremely delighted to have met the girls.
My friend Pastor Dags gamely posed with these two!
They absolutely loved Beia. “She’s so dainty and pretty!”
The girls thought Pastor Mark was so much fun! “We heard you have Legos?”
The girls were a bit shy posing next to their beautiful Tita Jessica.
They specifically requested for a pose with the pastors.

  IMG_9961 IMG_9962-001

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