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Great Hair with Cream Silk Daily Treatment Conditioner

 I’ve always worn my hair long since I was a little girl. The only time I had it short was in college and it wasn’t even intentional—the hair stylist cut off a huge chunk when I only asked for a trim. When I saw how much he cut off, I CRIED. I walked out of the salon and locked myself up in the car. Thankfully my mom was with me and I let her deal with the mishap. 

 Some may call it shallow but hey, I was a teenager then! I didn’t really “feel” my short hair and it affected my self-esteem. I vowed to never have my hair cut that short ever again. When my hair grew down to my desired length after a few years, I felt like I was back to my old self. There was something so safe about the feel of my hair over my back and shoulders. 


Compared to a short cut, it takes a little more care to keep long hair smooth, silky and manageable. Split-ends, dryness, frizz and tangles should be out of the equation. Back then, smooth, beautiful hair can be attained with weekly hot oil treatments and expensive hair conditioners. Thanks to aesthetic research and advanced technology, we can easily get the benefits of a hot oil treatment in a tube of Cream Silk Daily Treatment Conditioner. 

From L-R: Cream Silk Dry Rescue, Cream Silk Hair Fall Defense, Cream Silk Damage Control, Cream Silk Standout Straight

I don’t always wake up with perfect hair. Problem with mine is that it gets limp and lifeless. Sometimes, it even gets sticky and clumped together when I use the wrong kind of conditioner. With Cream Silk though, I’ve never had that experience. Whenever I use Cream Silk (the blue, Damage Control variant is my favorite), I can wear my hair straight without the strands feeling weighed down. When my hair is curled, the curls flow freely because each strand is nourished and hydrated.

Elsa gives me a hand

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