Beauty Blog: H2O Overnight Eye Complex

One of the tell-tale signs of aging is getting crow’s feet in the eye area. It’s also one of the toughest to disguise or cover-up because the more you put make up on it, the product just seeps into the creases, making it more obvious. I’m the type who doesn’t want to wait for that to happen so I am doing all that I can to eat and live healthy and take good care of my skin.

Do you find yourself crinkling your eyes a lot? Are you the type who doesn’t like to wear shades even if the sunlight gets so blinding? If you don’t moisturize your eye area, you risk getting those fine lines around your eyes sooner.ย 

I’ve been using the Overnight Eye Complex from H2O for about a week now. Nothing too stellar yet. It’s goes on as a light, almost clear gel that has a cooling effect on your peepers. Think of it as a gel version of Eye Mo, except that you apply it on the skin around your eyes.ย 

H2O Eye Oasis Overnight Eye Complex 4ML trial size
(Full size: 15ML, Price: 1,750)
I got this tube from Sample Room and I’m honestly having second thoughts on whether I’d buy the full size or not. It didn’t really do much for my early-morning puffy eyes. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ I feel that I’m looking for something that packs in more moisture. Since the product sources it’s ingredients from the sea, a heavier, creamier consistency might be out of the question.ย 

The 4ML trial tube can fit into the tiniest make-up bag.ย 

Teens to women in their early 20s. Use this if you want an early start to combat aging around the eyes. Still, you have to give your eyes proper rest! No matter how good an eye product is, if you’re always puyat, then you might not achieve the desired results. Also, those with very oily skin who don’t like to apply anything too heavy on their face would appreciate the light gel formulation of H2O Eye Oasis.

-I think it would be a good daytime product that you can use beneath your under-eye concealer since it’s very light.ย 
-If you need something to refresh your tired eyes, it would be good to have this in your make-up kit.

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