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Can you #WhipIt? Coz I did!

It would be best to watch this first to be able to appreciate my version of #WhipIt

And then you can go and view mine…

How did this all come about? My friend Badet and I were just randomly talking about commercials and of course my appreciation of the single life and then BAM! we decided to parody Denise Laurel’s #WhipIt “Sayang” commercial. I didn’t change the word SAYANG but showed how it’s being used to describe happily single people who are not in a hurry to tie the knot. Like I said in my previous VLOGs on the Single Life (visit http://www.happysingles.net), I’m not entirely closing my doors on marriage. It’s just that I don’t want to get myself so consumed with it, that it distracts me from what God wants me to do at the moment. I’ve spoken to a lot of singles who feel the same way. How they face so much pressure from family, relatives and friends who push them to go and tie the knot already. I’ve always treated marriage as SACRED. It’s not something you get into just because all your friends are getting married. It’s not something you get into just to make nagging people shut up. It’s a decision between two people who love each other and would want to commit their whole lives to be together, living as one unit and raising a family on their own. It’s a grown-up decision that will change your life forever. And for the singles? If you’re not married that does not mean that God cannot use you to fulfill His purposes! All of us are called to do things for Him. He has gifted us with talents, skills, education–even our experiences are important as we do what we can for His glory. Your life is not SAYANG if you decide to enjoy being single for the mean time. If the Lord calls you to marry, nothing wrong with that too. He can still use you and your partner to bring glory to His name. :-)Bottom line is, whether God calls you to be single or married, you can give glory to His Name through the life you live. Can you #WhipIt? Coz I did! :-p

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