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This is me checking out MetroDental at Robinsons Galleria! Thanks Ms Rozel for giving me the tour and patiently answering my questions. I also had oral prophylaxis and dental filling done on the same day by their head dentist Dra. Mica Manalo. She thoroughly cleaned my teeth, explaining the step by step process while I contentedly sat there with my mouth open. :-p
My teeth were also air-polished for the first time; it’s a painless procedure that uses air and a salt water solution to effectively remove unsightly stains and plaque. It can be very drying for the lips though, so Dra. Mica smothered an ample amount of petroleum jelly on my lips before blasting away. 
You can visit them at the 3rd Level, East Expansion Lane, Robinson’s Galleria. Their other branches are listed on their site:
Part 2 will be up in a few days! Thanks for viewing! 
Lovingly yours,

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