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Wedding Blog: Adrian and Gracie @ The Manila Hotel

Gracie and I met in grade school. She was the tallest and often an elected officer in class, while I was one of the kids always tasked to sing in school programs. We lost touch in high school; I’d often just hear her name mentioned by former classmates but we never really saw each other until we both began working. 
Photography by Tie D Knot

A natural leader, Gracie was very eager to get the batch together. When Facebook added the GROUPS feature, she was one of the admins who was so masipag to check on everyone and get our contact details. Around three years ago, she came back from Singapore (where she’s based for work) and successfully mounted an intimate reunion with our classmates. We never lost touch since then.

A little over a year ago, she asked me to host her wedding. I never met her fiance but from the posts I’ve seen on Facebook, I knew that Adrian took good care of her and loved her to the moon and back.

Tie D Knot Photography

As an overseas bride, Gracie went hunting for the perfect wedding coordinator who would be able to make her Pin-spirations real. She found Marge Montemayor and got her full coordination package. This was my first wedding with Marge and I have nothing but good things to say about her and her team. They’re very efficient, SUPER BAIT and maasikaso. The program went on smoothly and we ended on time!

After the wedding! The bride and groom still look amazing! 

STOP RIGHT THERE! When I saw the same-day edit video with Gracie walking down from here, I teared up. The stairs and the arch–perfect entry for the bride. My only concern is the possibility of tripping. If you’re walking down you have to be really careful. Take it slow. Feel the moment. 



Styling by Bernice Sorongon
The backdrop reminds me of Elsa’s door design from “Do You Wanna Build a Snowman?”



Photography by Tie D Knot

Photography by Tie D Knot. Styling by Bernice Sorongon.
THE VENUE: Maynila Ballroom, Manila Hotel

I love the Old Manila elegance of Manila Hotel. The spacious lobby, the huge ballrooms and the wonderful corners; even those who aren’t so fond of taking pictures won’t be able to resist. 

The Maynila Ballroom. So many themes run through my head as I surveyed the ballroom: Filipiniana-Spanish, Old Hollywood, Oscars Glamour, Fairytale…
This photo I captured made me think “Oh, a Beauty and the Beast-themed wedding would be great here!” The walls are like the library given to Belle by the Beast, the ballroom is pretty similar to the one in the movie, oh and did I mention the grand staircase?

Come on, I heard you. You were singing! Tale as old as time…



Seems like you’re dancing (and dining) under stars

I was glad to see the guests enjoy every part of the wedding from the ceremony to the reception even if there weren’t any games. 🙂 Adrian and Gracie mentioned in their speech that all they wanted was for everyone to be happy in the celebration of their union. The video and photo slideshows evoked smiles and chuckles, while the speeches from the parents and siblings made most guests tear up (including myself). 

My take-away from the couple? 

It’s always good to plan everything together. While it’s perfectly understandable that not all grooms or brides have the time to go through all the details and meet with all the suppliers, remember that this is your wedding. If busyness is a concern, pick an efficient wedding coordinator (with a good team) who can give you good suggestions and firmly remind you of your deadlines and assignments. What also impressed me about Marge was her genuine concern for Adrian and Gracie. Venues have additional charges when you go beyond your reserved time. Marge did what she could to keep everything within schedule. 🙂

 -Know what you want, focus on it and work within your budget. With a wide array of venues and wedding suppliers, it’s easy to get distracted. Keep in mind that your wedding isn’t competing against others. Don’t be pressured to book beyond your budget just to impress people. Your wedding is a celebration between you and your special someone, which you wish to share with those near and dear to you. 

Pray about everything. Adrian and Gracie have strong faith in God and I believe that is what made them stick together and make wise decisions.

Congratulations Adrian and Gracie! It was great to be part of the best day of your lives! 


Photos: Tie D Knot
Video: Stephen Wedding Films
Wedding Gown: Veluz
Host: Ingrid Nieto
Styling: Bernice Sorongon
Coordinator: Marge Montemayor

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