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Wedding Blog: Alvin and Kat @ Hacienda Isabella, Tagaytay

I met Alvin and Kat just two weeks before their wedding. Thankfully, I’ve worked with their coordinator Agnes Odulio (Empire Weddings) so I knew I’d be in good hands. The ceremony was held at Caleruega and the garden reception at Hacienda Isabella.

Hacienda Isabella is undoubtedly a beautiful place. The architecture is superb. The patio, the sprawling lawn and the delicious sound of rustling leaves made me feel like Mary Lennox discovering the Secret Garden at Misselthwaite Manor.

If these areas look familiar to you, you’ve probably seen them as the backdrop of locally produced dramas. This is owned by Kuh Ledesma by the way.

Do these pictures convince you enough to hold your wedding here? Be warned–it’s quite a long trip from the Tagaytay town proper. Should you wish to visit the place, you may contact them through their website to set an appointment as they do not accept walk-in visitors. Equip yourself with a map and take note of the landmarks as it can get quite confusing.

PARKING: ★★★★★ There’s lots of space to park
VENUE: ★★★★★ Take lots of photos! Your guests will be happily amused by the gardens and interesting house interiors. Since I was early, I was able to take a lot of shots of the home interiors, the lawn, the garden and the reception tent.
AMBIANCE: ★★★★★ Very serene
RESTROOMS: ★★★★★ Clean, tissues are well-stocked, there is always an attendant on stand-by, they have clean, flowing water and lovely lavender-scented soap for washing. 🙂
COCKTAIL AREA FOR GUESTS: ★★★★★ Like I said, your guests won’t run out of corners for selfies and photo-ops. Even the kids seemed to have fun running around. 🙂

ACCOMMODATIONS: ★★★★★ They have 19 villas with rooms that can fit families or friends staying over. Wedding preps can be done here. From what I know, the wedding package includes accommodations for the bride and groom. RATES: Php 150,000+ (+12% VAT, Venue only); P2,200/head
MUSICIANS: ★ Manila String Machine
CATERER: ★★★★★ K by Cunanan Catering
ONSITE VIDEO: ★★★★ For You Are Mine
PRENUP and ONSITE PHOTOS: ★★★★ Art Alera

ONSITE VIDEO courtesy of For You Are Mine

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