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Wedding Venue: Sulo Riviera Hotel

I am impressed by this little hotel located at the heart of Quezon City.

The hotel offers an all-in package which includes the styling, a 3-day, 2-night stay, bridal car and a 3-layer fondant cake. Buffet menu is priced at P150,000 for the first 100 guests (P1000/head in excess of the first 100). 

The wedding I hosted was held at the Manansala A and B, which when combined, can accommodate 200-250 pax. The dance floor is spacious, the white projector screen so wide and the lighting elements are just divine! 

PARKING: There’s enough space to park but they don’t have a covered or basement parking area. So if it rains on the day, you’ll be forced to bring your umbrella and walk over muddy gravel.

WILL I GET MARRIED HERE? Yes! I like how the ballroom’s size isn’t overwhelming but spacious enough for the guests to go around and socialize. 

-The cocktail area outside the ballroom is small so it might be a little cramped for your guests. There are comfy seats though, and a tiny space where a photo booth can be set up.


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