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Sky Ranch Wedding

I owe you a lot of wedding posts. It’s been a very busy season but I’m delighted to have hosted for my couples! Didn’t have much time to sit and work on reviews this December so here I am, bumabawi.

Venue: Sky Ranch Tagaytay
Coordinator: The One Team
Caterer: k. by cunanan catering

I was freezing as I did my hosting duties. First time at Sky Ranch; I thought it was a closed venue with glass screens and everything. Expected guests were around 200, but the venue (in my estimate) can fit 500-900 guests. 

 –Very open. People lining up for rides or admiring the Taal view can actually watch your wedding, so if you like your wedding celebration to be private, this is not the venue for you. 🙂 

 –WINDY. Of course it’s Tagaytay. While it’s easy to keep warm with shawls, coats and formal jackets, if your table set-up involves papers, cards and light cloth, expect these to be disheveled by gusts of wind. Also, your perfectly curled hair won’t last. I suggest that ladies keep their hair in an up-do for venues like this. Sayang naman pag nagpose ka na for the wedding photos–literal na “Mahangin sa labas” :-p 

-When it rains, EXPECT TO GET WET because it’s open an windy. 

-Reserve a BIG, STURDY, WHITE SCREEN that won’t collapse when the wind decides to go cray-cray. Better yet, if kaya sa budget, magLED. I’m sure you want everyone to actually enjoy viewing your photo slideshows and on-site videos. Since the venue is big, you want the screen/LED wall to be at least 9×12. 

-Aside from the dinner and the program, it’s best to keep guests entertained with activities with a venue as big as this. Photobooth, Starbucks booth, Candy Buffet, Flipbook, Tera E-Guestbook…

PARKING: Parking is okay, as long as you get there early. Take note that the event area and the theme park have a shared parking space. Since I was checked in at Taal Vista Hotel, the guard at the gate told me it was best to just walk since the Sky Ranch parking entrance had a long queue of vehicles waiting to get in. 

RECOMMENDED FOR: Morning or afternoon weddings. Weather should be cloudy or sunny. Never maulan, or you’ll get drenched.

-Preps ideally should be done at the adjacent Taal Vista Hotel. 

WILL I GET MARRIED HERE? Nope. (No hard feelings. I just don’t like the idea that it’s very open). No privacy.

-Make sure you hire an excellent sound system provider 

-For a venue this big, you have to make sure that your coordinator has an efficient team that isn’t undermanned. . 

-You will need to shell out a bit for event styling. Depending on your caterer (if included sa package ang styling), the place can look pretty bare.


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