Freeway’s Holiday Print Galore

Dressing for the holidays is honestly more exciting for me than picking out summer clothing. I mean, you know how you go to the beach or any resort and would just be fine with your best bikini, a decent cover-up, shades and flip flops, right? Holidays for me mean I can experiment more with jewel tones, mix and match sparkly accessories and open up my arsenal of cocktail dresses and gowns for events and weddings.

I just got word about Freeway’s Holiday Print Galore which is big on Moroccan Patterns and Macro Floral Prints.

So this outfit just made me sing “Ooh I’ve been to Georgia and California and sipped champagne on a yacht…”
I’d actually wear something like this to work! The colors pop right in front of you!
This is something I’d wear for a casual walk around a foreign city. Very breezy yet stylish!
Since I love flowers, consider me biased. I actually LOOOVE this collection!
Perfect for a casual day at the mall or a dinner out with friends
The latest collection from Freeway features shoesies from Janylin and So Fab.

Christmas bonus on hand? Done buying gifts? Give yourself a treat then! Head on over to your nearest Freeway store or visit and You can also check them out on Twitter and Instagram: @FreewayOnline

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